Social Science Questions & Answers

Social Science Questions & Answers

Social Science Questions & Answers: You can find Social Science related questions and their answers here. Over 1200 questions are listed in this page. To find a question on this page – please use “Ctrl” Key + “F” key.

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Social Science Questions & Answers

  1. About Diwali Lakshmi Puja?
  2. Are gorillas man-eaters?
  3. Are snakes really modified lizards?
  4. Are there any real Castles in the world?
  5. Are there such things as fairies?
  6. As dead as the dodo
  7. At what time of day does Ayers Rock in Central Australia change color?
  8. Between whom was the battle of Haldighati fought?
  9. Can all venomous snakes kill you?
  10. Can an elephant drink through its trunk?
  11. Can farming produce enough of the world food?
  12. Can frogs fly?
  13. Can sands boom?
  14. Can trains run without rails?
  15. Cigarette Packs that Talk. How it can be possible?
  16. Crocodile Tears Are Real
  17. Did dragons ever exist?
  18. Did king Arthur ever exist?
  19. Do all camels have humps?
  20. Do all reality shows pander to the baser aspects?
  21. Do all spiders spin webs?
  22. Do all volcanoes look alike?
  23. Do all zebras have the same coat pattern?
  24. Do any snakes live in the sea?
  25. Do Sikhs Believe in a Bible?
  26. Do Sikhs Believe in Being Baptized?
  27. Do Sikhs Believe in Going to Church?
  28. Do Sikhs Believe in Prayer?
  29. Do Sikhs Believe in Prophets and Saints?
  30. Do Sikhs Believe in the Devil or Demons?
  31. Do Sikhs Believe in Worshipping Idols?
  32. Do sloths sleep all the time?
  33. Do you believe that non-Muslims go to heaven?
  34. Did you know Prime Minister of India ‘hoists’ the national flag on Independence Day while the President of India ‘unfurls’ on Republic Day
  35. Does a Boa Constrictor crush its prey?
  36. Does the abominable snowman exist?
  37. Festival of Holi marks the end of winter and the beginning of which season?
  38. Gardens in the air
  39. How ‘real’ is reality TV?
  40. How are coral reefs formed?
  41. How are deemed universities different from others?
  42. How are snakes charmed?
  43. How are whirlpools formed?
  44. How Basant Panchami is Celebrated?
  45. How big is an eagle?
  46. How can a snake swallow something bigger than itself?
  47. How can you tell if a snake is venomous?
  48. How dangerous is the Adder?
  49. How dangerous is the stingray?
  50. How deep can whales dive?
  51. How did Hanuman meet Rama?
  52. How did Hanuman served Lord Rama?
  53. How did Lord Ganesha obtain his elephant head?
  54. How did Red Indians get their name?
  55. How did the cuddly teddy bear get its name?
  56. How did the handshake originate?
  57. How did the monument Valley in Arizona and Utah get its name?
  58. How did the Oscar get its name?
  59. How did the polar bear evolved?
  60. How did the Sturt Desert get its name?
  61. How did the symbols +, – etc originate?
  62. How did the words ‘ok’ and ‘viz’ originate?
  63. How do Animals Communicate?
  64. How do ants protect plants?
  65. How do insects breathe?
  66. How do locust swarms start?
  67. How do people celebrate Diwali in India?
  68. How do plants become coal?
  69. How do spiders spin their webs?
  70. How do we celebrate Janmashtami in Mathura?
  71. How does a fountain-pen work?
  72. How does a red squirrel eat?
  73. How does a termite colony start?
  74. How does the ringhals protect itself?
  75. How does venom attack the body?
  76. How far can a jerboa jump?
  77. How fast can a dog run?
  78. How fast can a dragonfly fly?
  79. How fast can birds fly?
  80. How International Women’s Day is Celebrated?
  81. How is a mocktail different from a cocktail?
  82. How is a stallion different from a gelding?
  83. How is an Amur tiger different from a Bengal tiger?
  84. How is Baisakhi Celebrated?
  85. How is Easter Celebrated in Australia?
  86. How is Easter Celebrated in Brazil?
  87. How is Easter Celebrated in Bulgaria?
  88. How is Easter Celebrated in Canada?
  89. How is Easter Celebrated in Czech Republic?
  90. How is Guru Ravidass related to Sikhism?
  91. How is Hanuman related to Pandavas?
  92. How is Holi Celebrated in Barsana?
  93. How is Holi Celebrated?
  94. How is Ma Paravati as Divine Homemaker?
  95. How is Muharram observed?
  96. How is Navratri celebrated?
  97. How is Navratri Pooja Thali Decorated?
  98. How is New Year’s Day celebrated around the world?
  99. How is Ram Navami Celebrated?
  100. How is the date of Buddha’s birthday celebration determined?
  101. How is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?
  102. How Long Chinese New Year Celebrations Last?
  103. How long does the Pongal festival celebrations last?
  104. How long have humans engaged in Cosmology?
  105. How long is the woodpecker’s tongue?
  106. How many brother did Lord Rama have?
  107. How many feathers does a bird have?
  108. How many legs has a centipede?
  109. How many people are Sikhs in India?
  110. How many people live in the world?
  111. How many species of cat live in groups?
  112. How many types of wines are produced all over the world?
  113. How many venomous fish are there?
  114. How many venomous snakes are there?
  115. How Mother’s Day is Celebrated?
  116. How much does a tiger eat?
  117. How much time does cats spend sleeping?
  118. How old is Tintin?
  119. How strong are eggs?
  120. How to celebrate diwali in Maharashtra?
  121. How to celebrate diwali in Singapore?
  122. How to celebrate International Yoga Day?
  123. How to celebrate Nag Panchami?
  124. How to celebrate National Doctors Day?
  125. How to celebrate Vijayadhasami?
  126. How to make green beer for Saint Patrick’s Day?
  127. How to perform a havan?
  128. How to Play the Dreidel Game?
  129. How to reach Surajkund Mela?
  130. How to work out the date of Easter Day?
  131. How to Write a Love Letter?
  132. How was the term pink slip coined?
  133. How Wool Came Into Existence
  134. If a snake uses all its venom, how long does it take to replenish the supply?
  135. If red roses speak of love, what do yellow roses indicate?
  136. In 1898, who was the head of the American Federation of Labour?
  137. In Buddhism, can women attain enlightenment?
  138. In Star Wars, how is a Sith different from a Jedi?
  139. In the past, people used to make Holi colors from which flower?
  140. In the stock market, what is the concept of grey marketing?
  141. In which part of India, Rath Yatra of Mahesh is carried out?
  142. In which religion do the men wear a shawl called a Tallith and a skullcap called a Yarmulke?
  143. International Women’s Day: What’s it all about?
  144. Is Allah the same God of the Christians and Jews?
  145. Is Crocodile Tears Real?
  146. Is it true that Bhagwanji, also known as Gumnami Baba was actually Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?
  147. Is it Unlucky to open umbrella indoors. Why?
  148. Is Lord Ganesha Married or Celibate?
  149. Is the controversy about Netaji Subhash Chandar Bose death important to his daughter Anita Bose-Pfaff?
  150. Is there an animal which has three eyes?
  151. Isn’t Islam the religion whose book instructs the followers to kill others?
  152. More than one-fifth of the world’s population lives in just one country. Which one?
  153. Muharram: What is the tragedy at Karbala?
  154. Name the canal that links the Mediterranean and Red seas?
  155. Name the legends associated with Baisakhi?
  156. Names of Santa’s reindeer?
  157. Northwestern Arizona is famous for what?
  158. On what basis are pincodes distributed?
  159. On which date do we celebrate Nag Panchami?
  160. Remember the movie Gladiator, In which colossal theater did gladiators fight wild animals?
  161. Scandinavia, in northern Europe, is made up of which countries?
  162. Shamrock, Thistle, leek, rose these symbols represents which four countries?
  163. Should I admire spiders and snakes. Why? Why not?
  164. Some of the people of the modern state of Israel live on kibbutzim. What is unusual about the kibbutz way of life?
  165. Sometimes a clown in a circus is called
  166. Story behind the birth of Lord Hanuman?
  167. Subhas Chandra Bose – Plot of Death
  168. Tell about Diwali?
  169. The Bible is sacred to both Jews and Christians. Which religion believes in Koran?
  170. The busiest airport in the world
  171. The longest vehicle in the world
  172. The Silk Route runs through Central Asia. What was it first used for?
  173. Utsav Sharma – A Hero or Villain?
  174. Was Justice Mukherjee Commission set up by the BJP government?
  175. Was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose – Ideology of Fusion?
  176. Was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Fascist?
  177. Were dinosaurs venomous?
  178. What animal usually delivers Easter Goodies?
  179. What are ‘first serve’ and ‘second serve’ in tennis?
  180. What are amphibians?
  181. What are aphids?
  182. What are Appearances of Goddess Parvati?
  183. What are Arihants?
  184. What are auroras?
  185. What are Baisakhi Customs and Rituals?
  186. What are Bankura Horses?
  187. What are birds of prey?
  188. What are BTL advertisements?
  189. What are consumer and capital goods?
  190. What are copepods?
  191. What are crop circles?
  192. What are cultural & regional variations of harvesting festival – Pongal?
  193. What are Customs of Shivaratri?
  194. What are Easter Celebrations?
  195. What are Easter Colors?
  196. What are Easter Facts?
  197. What are Easter Island Facts?
  198. What are fish scales?
  199. What are flatfish?
  200. What are floaters?
  201. What are fossil fuels?
  202. What are gigantes?
  203. What are ground antbirds?
  204. What are Gtor-ma Cakes?
  205. What are Holi Safety Tips?
  206. What are Holika Dahan Celebrations?
  207. What are horse latitudes and how did they get the name?
  208. What are Jack-o-lanterns?
  209. What are Legends of Navratri?
  210. What are Mango Showers?
  211. What are Merits of Shivaratri Puja?
  212. What are mermaids?
  213. What are Natural Colors of Holi?
  214. What are Navratri Customs?
  215. What are nomads?
  216. What are organ pipes?
  217. What are Perseides?
  218. What are praying mantis?
  219. What are quiet eruptions?
  220. What are Ram Navami Quotes?
  221. What are Ritual Bath of Shivalinga?
  222. What are Shivaratri Traditions?
  223. What are sin stocks?
  224. What are solenodons?
  225. What are some New Year’s traditions?
  226. What are some religious aspects of Diwali?
  227. What are sponges?
  228. What are Stoas?
  229. What are termites?
  230. What are themes for World No Tobacco Day?
  231. What are the basics of the path, or Dharma, that Mahavira advocated for Jains?
  232. What are the Causes of Child Labour?
  233. What are the Cod Wars?
  234. What are the customs & legends of Lohri?
  235. What are the different factions in Islam and how do their beliefs differ?
  236. What are the Different Names of Krishna ?
  237. What are the first and last sentence in the Bible?
  238. What are the Islamic mourning rites and rituals (Muharram)?
  239. What are the lines of Latitude and Longitude?
  240. What are the main kinds of islands?
  241. What are the Northern Lights?
  242. What are the Objectives of International Yoga Day?
  243. What are the origins of pajama?
  244. What are the people who live in the Arctic called?
  245. What are the Pooja rituals done daily during Navratri?
  246. What are the principal differences between Islam and the other two main monotheistic religions; Christianity and Judaism?
  247. What are the processes of Teej Pooja?
  248. What are the rituals of Janmashtami?
  249. What are the rituals of Nag Panchami Festival?
  250. What are the Silver Lotus awards in Indian cinema?
  251. What are the Solutions to Child Labour?
  252. What are themes for World Blood Donor Day?
  253. What are the uses of air photographs?
  254. What are the various types of programmes?
  255. What are Truffles?
  256. What are ugg boots?
  257. What are velafrons?
  258. What causes ‘winterline’ and why is it visible only in a few places in the world?
  259. What colour is an insect’s blood?
  260. What country has the most species of venomous snakes?
  261. What day is Easter celebrated?
  262. What did a mammoth eat?
  263. What do charts tell us?
  264. What do I do if I see a venomous snake?
  265. What do muslims do in month of Muharram?
  266. What do riders represent in the fiesta of San Joan?
  267. What Do Sikhs Believe About God and Creation?
  268. What Do Sikhs Believe About the Afterlife?
  269. What do the tabla, tambura, and sitar have in common?
  270. What does ‘Jack of all trades’ mean?
  271. What does a camel store in its humps?
  272. What does Acropolis mean?
  273. What does bee-line mean?
  274. What does guyliner refer to?
  275. What does Islam say about suicide bombing, hijackers, and terrorism in general?
  276. What does January mean?
  277. What does Langar mean in Sikhism?
  278. What does Nerdic refer to?
  279. What does precycling mean?
  280. What does SOS mean?
  281. What does the arrow mark on defence vehicle number plates mean?
  282. What does the conductor in orchestra use a small stick, called a baton for?
  283. What does the phrase ‘chicken out’ mean?
  284. What does Thor refer to?
  285. What exactly is reality TV?
  286. What form of government is practised in Thailand?
  287. What is ‘A Very Silent Night’?
  288. What is 2012 Indian anti-corruption movement?
  289. What is 2G Scam?
  290. What is a ‘Clouded Yellow’?
  291. What is a black blizzard?
  292. What is a Black Corner Notice?
  293. What is a blizzaster?
  294. What is a Bolero?
  295. What is a busman’s holiday?
  296. What is a Camel’s hump for?
  297. What is a carrotmob?
  298. What is a caterpillar’s first meal?
  299. What is a cloud burst?
  300. What is a cobblestone race?
  301. What is a cushion account?
  302. What is a cuttlefish?
  303. What is a Cyrus Cylinder?
  304. What is a dry port?
  305. What is a fish pedicure?
  306. What is a flophouse?
  307. What is a flying fox?
  308. What is a Fossil?
  309. What is a gazebo?
  310. What is a ghost word?
  311. What is a go-go fund?
  312. What is a golden parachute?
  313. What is a green collar job?
  314. What is a greenshank?
  315. What Is a Hanukkiyah?
  316. What is a hate date?
  317. What is a lame duck session of Parliament?
  318. What is a koan?
  319. What is a lightship?
  320. What is a liquidity trap?
  321. What is a loofah?
  322. What is a Manx cat?
  323. What is a marsupial?
  324. What is a Minskian Ponzi deal?
  325. What is a moon tree?
  326. What is a moot court?
  327. What is a mudskippers?
  328. What is a Pagoda?
  329. What is a pink elephant?
  330. What is a Pipestone Pipe?
  331. What is a Ponzi scheme?
  332. What is a Palm Sunday?
  333. What is a prebituary?
  334. What is a prefecture in the context of Japan?
  335. What is a progressive score in chess?
  336. What is a salamander?
  337. What is a shibboleth?
  338. What is a shifting agriculture?
  339. What is a sick-out?
  340. What is a sinking fund?
  341. What is a slumpometer?
  342. What is a Sovereign Wealth Fund?
  343. What is a spoonerism?
  344. What is a stalemate in chess?
  345. What is a staycation?
  346. What is a stupa, and with which religion is it associated?
  347. What is a surgical strike?
  348. What is a Tea Party protest?
  349. What is a Totem?
  350. What is a toxic wife?
  351. What is a tsunami?
  352. What is a wistar rat?
  353. What is About Goddess Parvati?
  354. What is ambergris?
  355. What is an aggressocracy?
  356. What is an aviary?
  357. What is an Easter Egg?
  358. What is an erratic?
  359. What is an integrated city?
  360. What is an ISBN number?
  361. What is an omnibus bill?
  362. What is anthropophagy?
  363. What is anti-dumping duty?
  364. What is area 51?
  365. What is Arya Samaj?
  366. What is Aryan theory?
  367. What is Ash Wednesday?
  368. What is Ashura (Muharram)?
  369. What is Assumption Day?
  370. What is Bacha bazi?
  371. What is back-door financing?
  372. What is Bagdad beach?
  373. What is Baisakhi and how it is celebrated?
  374. What is Baisakhi Dance?
  375. What is Baisakhi Day?
  376. What is Baisakhi Mela?
  377. What is Baisakhi?
  378. What is Barah Wafat?
  379. What is barcode art?
  380. What is bear bile farming?
  381. What is benthic zone?
  382. What is Bhogi Pongal?
  383. What is Biological Significance of Holi?
  384. What is bruxism?
  385. What is Buddhism?
  386. What is Car Festival of Lord Jagannath?
  387. What is chamois?
  388. What is Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US?
  389. What is Child Labour?
  390. What is chinese new year and why is it celebrated?
  391. What is Chinese New Year?
  392. What is Chi-x?
  393. What is cliff diving?
  394. What is collateral debt obligation?
  395. What is confessionalism?
  396. What is contribution of Subhash Chandra Bose in national struggle?
  397. What is coral?
  398. What is coral bleaching?
  399. What is crab football?
  400. What is creative capitalism?
  401. What is crop milk?
  402. What is Cultural Significance of Holi?
  403. What is dangerous about the scorpionfishes?
  404. What is dating down?
  405. What is Dervish music?
  406. What is dies irae?
  407. What is Diwali and how is it celebrated?
  408. What is done during Rama Navami celebrations in Rishikesh?
  409. What is Dreidel?
  410. What is dumdum bullet?
  411. What is Dusshera?
  412. What is Easter Island?
  413. What is Easter?
  414. What is ethical fashion?
  415. What is falconry?
  416. What is Fat Tuesday?
  417. What is Fleet Street in London known for?
  418. What is fun-employment?
  419. What is Garba?
  420. What is Germany’s official name?
  421. What is Ghazwa-e-Hind? Islam’s Prophetic War against India
  422. What is Greenmail?
  423. What is Groundhog Day?
  424. What is Hadaga Festival?
  425. What is Haldighati?
  426. What Is Hanukkah?
  427. What is hay fever and why is it so called?
  428. What is heirloom gardening?
  429. What is helicopter parenting?
  430. What is hillwalking?
  431. What is History of Baisakhi?
  432. What is history of Valentine Cards?
  433. What is Holi Origin?
  434. What is Holi Pooja Process?
  435. What is Holi Significance?
  436. What is Iceland’s HDI ranking?
  437. What is International Children’s Day?
  438. What is International Labour Organization (ILO)?
  439. What is International White Cane Day?
  440. What is Jainism?
  441. What is jetsam?
  442. What is Jeu de Paume?
  443. What is jipijapa hat?
  444. What is kangaroo closure?
  445. What is Kanya Pongal?
  446. What is Karma, and why is it so important to Buddhists?
  447. What is Labour Day?
  448. What is laissez faire?
  449. What is La-La-Land?
  450. What is lapis lazuli?
  451. What is Legend of Holika and Prahlad?
  452. What is Legend of Lubdhaka?
  453. What is Legend of Shiva and Shakti Marriage?
  454. What is Lent?
  455. What is Llanfair PG?
  456. What is Loch Ness Monster?
  457. What is Lord Shiva Assurance?
  458. What is love bombing?
  459. What is Maha Shivaratri?
  460. What is Mahashivaratri Festival?
  461. What is Maniole?
  462. What is Mattu Pongal?
  463. What is Maulid?
  464. What is Maundy Thursday?
  465. What is meant by ‘ceteris paribus’?
  466. What is meant by spring chicken, and why?
  467. What is mooching?
  468. What is moribund capitalism?
  469. What is Muharram?
  470. What is Mythological Significance of Holi?
  471. What is Navaratri?
  472. What is Navratri Fast?
  473. What is Navratri Kolu or Navarathri Golu?
  474. What is Octopus ink?
  475. What is Operation Smile?
  476. What is Paleo movement or Paleolibertarianism?
  477. What is panda porn?
  478. What is Pansori?
  479. What is Paryushan Mahaparva in Jainism?
  480. What is Philanthropy?
  481. What is philematology?
  482. What is pixie dust?
  483. What is Pongal?
  484. What is pop art?
  485. What is pork barrel politics?
  486. What is Project Blue Beam?
  487. What is Project Blue Book?
  488. What is Ram Navami History?
  489. What is Rastafarianism?
  490. What is RBI Baseball?
  491. What is reindeer moss?
  492. What is Religious Significance of Teej?
  493. What is rice wine?
  494. What is round tripping?
  495. What is sabre-rattling?
  496. What is Shiva Tandava?
  497. What is Shivaratri Fast?
  498. What is Shivaratri Pooja?
  499. What is show-jumping?
  500. What is Significance of Baisakhi?
  501. What is significance of Basant Panchami?
  502. What is Significance of Holi?
  503. What is Significance Of Ram Navami?
  504. What is Significance of Shivaratri in Hinduism?
  505. What is significance of Vasant Navratri?
  506. What is similia similibus curantur?
  507. What is singlism?
  508. What is Sistine Chapel famous for?
  509. What is skinflation?
  510. What is so special about Lake Titicaca
  511. What is Social Significance of Holi?
  512. What is special about the Garden City of Falkenberg?
  513. What is special about the Puli?
  514. What is Stonehenge?
  515. What is Story of Lubdhaka?
  516. What is Sukkot?
  517. What is Sunnah of Eid?
  518. What is sweethearting?
  519. What is Surya Pongal?
  520. What is Taipei 101?
  521. What is terroir?
  522. What is the ‘art of moving’?
  523. What is the ‘Thor’s Hammer’?
  524. What is the Age of Antonines?
  525. What is the Antarctica Treaty?
  526. What is the Armenian genocide?
  527. What is the aurora borealis?
  528. What is the Aurora phenomenon?
  529. What is the Australian teddy bear?
  530. What is the Bay of Pigs invasion?
  531. What is the Big Read?
  532. What is the Bolshoi Theatre famous for?
  533. What is the Bonfire Ritual in Lohri Festival?
  534. What is the Bossa Nova?
  535. What is the Bourbon Trail?
  536. What is the Buddha’s teaching about caste and colour?
  537. What is the choking game?
  538. What is the Cinderella effect?
  539. What is the concept behind Doomsday?
  540. What is the Cuban Wushu?
  541. What is the devil quartet?
  542. What is the difference between a centipede and a millipede?
  543. What is the difference between a coat and a blazer?
  544. What is the difference between a seal and a sea lion?
  545. What is the difference between antlers and horns?
  546. What is the difference between Dandiya Raas and Garba Raas?
  547. What is the difference between frogs and toads?
  548. What is the difference between intensive and subsistence farming?
  549. What is the difference between monkeys and apes?
  550. What is the difference between pigeons and doves?
  551. What is the difference between smooth and skeletal muscles?
  552. What is the difference between South Indian and North Indian ways of celebrating Navrathri?
  553. What is the difference between venom and poison?
  554. What is the domino damsel fish?
  555. What is the dry colour used in Holi Festival known as?
  556. What is the Fenian Movement?
  557. What is the Freimarkt?
  558. What is the gene revolution?
  559. What is the Geographical Indications (GI) Registry?
  560. What is the Golden Rule?
  561. What is the golliwog act?
  562. What is the Governor’s Ball during the Academy Awards ceremony?
  563. What is the Great Manmade River?
  564. What is the Grettis Saga?
  565. What is the Hadrian Wall?
  566. What is the historical and geographical background of Buddhism?
  567. What is the History and Origin of International Labour Day?
  568. What is the History behind Muharram?
  569. What is the history behind St. Patrick’s Day?
  570. What is the history of Children’s Day?
  571. What is the history of Chinese New Year?
  572. What is the History of Christmas Carols?
  573. What is the History of International Yoga Day?
  574. What is the history of National Doctors Day?
  575. What is the history of Pongal?
  576. What is the history of the Bermuda Triangle?
  577. What is the Holi Legend of Radha-Krishna?
  578. What is the importance of Basant Panchami?
  579. What is the Jagd and Hund fair?
  580. What is the Jasmine Revolution?
  581. What is the kanga?
  582. What is the Karakoram Highway?
  583. What is the Keynesian prescription?
  584. What is the Kimberley Process?
  585. What is the king crab?
  586. What is the Kit-Cat Club?
  587. What is the Lantern Festival?
  588. What is the largest living land mammal?
  589. What is the largest lizard in the world?
  590. What is the littoral zone?
  591. What is the Maginot Line?
  592. What is the meaning and origin of ‘go over like a lead balloon’?
  593. What is the meaning of Christmas?
  594. What is the meaning of kemo sabe?
  595. What is the meaning of the Buddhist flag?
  596. What is the meaning of the Hebrew Letters on a Dreidel?
  597. What is the meaning of True North?
  598. What is the most common surname in the world?
  599. What is the most venomous snake on the planet?
  600. What is the Mystery of Dracula?
  601. What is the mystery of Easter Island?
  602. What is the name of present Guru of the Sikhs?
  603. What is the name of the famous Modern English building which has its insides on the outside?
  604. What is the name of the Government where there is the rule of people?
  605. What is the Nathan Rothschild maxim?
  606. What is the Oera Linda book?
  607. What is the official Valentine’s Day love stamp?
  608. What is the Okapi?
  609. What is the Olympic Tower 2016?
  610. What is the Oracle of Delphi?
  611. What is the Origin and Significance of Karwa Chauth?
  612. What is the origin of lipsticks?
  613. What is the origin of Mumbai’s ‘tapori’ language? Where else is it spoken?
  614. What is the origin of OK?
  615. What is the origin of the name Belarus?
  616. What is the origin of the phrase – Ladies first?
  617. What is the origin of the phrase ‘there are no atheists in a foxhole’?
  618. What is the origin of the term French Kiss?
  619. What is the origin of the term horse trading?
  620. What is the origin of the word cocktail?
  621. What is the Peking Man?
  622. What is the Prague Spring?
  623. What is the Philosophy of Karma (Nine Tattvas) in Jainism?
  624. What is the Priory of Sion?
  625. What is the Russian avantegarde movement?
  626. What is the signficamce of fasting in the month of Muharram?
  627. What is the significance of Christmas Bells?
  628. What is the significance of Diwali?
  629. What is the significance of Holi Festival?
  630. What is the significance of Jerusalem Day?
  631. What is the Significance of Lohri?
  632. What is the significance of navaratri and how one keep vows on these nine days?
  633. What is the significance of Navratri?
  634. What is the Significance of Pongal festival?
  635. What is the significance of the three golden balls in Europe?
  636. What is the Singing Revolution?
  637. What is the six degrees of separation theory?
  638. What is the smallest country in the world?
  639. What is the Soul of Shaolin about?
  640. What is the story behind currency issued by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?
  641. What is the story behind Nag Panchami?
  642. What is the subprime effect?
  643. What is the Superman seat-grab?
  644. What is the Tate?
  645. What is the triple study or education taught by the Buddha?
  646. What is the War of the Pacific?
  647. What is the western magpie’s nest composed of?
  648. What is the White Revolution?
  649. What is the Whitley Council?
  650. What is the World Fellowship of Buddhists?
  651. What is the World Record for ‘Pogo Stick Jumping’?
  652. What is Tradition of Holi?
  653. What is unique about the Hangzhou Bay Bridge?
  654. What is unique about the production ‘Dralion’?
  655. What is Universal Children’s Day?
  656. What is unusual about Holland?
  657. What is unusual about lemmings?
  658. What is urban mining?
  659. What is Vedic?
  660. What is vertical farming?
  661. What is VIX?
  662. What is windfall tax?
  663. What is worship like during the Easter season?
  664. What is zorbing?
  665. What kind of farming is the most productive?
  666. What kind of snake killed Cleopatra?
  667. What language is spoken in Minsk?
  668. What makes a glow-worm glow?
  669. What makes jumping beans jump?
  670. What makes Skunk smell?
  671. What poetry books make good Valentine’s Day gifts?
  672. What Rituals are Performed During Baisakhi?
  673. What Rituals are Performed During Holi?
  674. What should one do if a snake bites him (or a friend)?
  675. What steps are taken by the WHO on World No Tobacco Day?
  676. What To Do on 4th of July in New York City?
  677. What to Expect During Holi?
  678. What was Alfred Nobel’s achievement?
  679. What was Austria’s currency before the euro was introduced?
  680. What was Mothering Sunday?
  681. What was the name of first Panj Piare?
  682. What was the Trojan Horse?
  683. What year did the First Continental Congress meet?
  684. What’s the difference between a folk tale and a fairy tale?
  685. What’s the Giri Raja chicken?
  686. What’s the mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games?
  687. What’s the origin of ‘touch wood’?
  688. What’s the origin of the word ‘karaoke’?
  689. What’s the Royal Ascot parade?
  690. What’s distinctive about Davos?
  691. What’s the origin of the term ‘top dog’?
  692. What’s the Blue Nile and the White Nile?
  693. What’s the Green Gold project?
  694. What’s unique about Gothenburg?
  695. What’s unique about the Art Cologne Fair?
  696. When and where did figure skating originate?
  697. When did Christmas Greeting Cards tradition started?
  698. When did Congress vote Labour Day a federal holiday?
  699. When did people first use addresses?
  700. When did the practice of the handshake begin?
  701. When did the pterodactyls live?
  702. When do animals become mutants?
  703. When do bees swarm?
  704. When do birds migrate?
  705. When do people worship the Monkey God?
  706. When do snakes shed their skins?
  707. When do stags fight?
  708. When do we celebrate World Friendship Day?
  709. When do we say ‘gild the lily’?
  710. When does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
  711. When does a chameleon change color?
  712. When does a cow start to give milk?
  713. When does a drone die?
  714. When does a hermit crab change it’s shell?
  715. When does a tadpole become a frog?
  716. When does a worm turn?
  717. When does pollution kill a river?
  718. When does the male stickleback turn red?
  719. When is Baisakhi celebrated?
  720. When is Chinese New Year 2008?
  721. When is Chinese New Year?
  722. When is Easter?
  723. When is Fathers Day ?
  724. When Is Hanukkah this year?
  725. When is Holi Festival celebrated?
  726. When is Holi?
  727. When is Islamic New Year (Muharram)?
  728. When is Labour Day in Australia?
  729. When is Labour Day in Jamaica?
  730. When is Mothers day celebrated?
  731. When is pongal festival?
  732. When is Ram Navami or birthday of Lord Rama celebrated?
  733. When is Rama Navami?
  734. When is Shivaratri?
  735. When is Surajkund Craft Mela?
  736. When is Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti?
  737. When is Teej?
  738. When is Thai Pongal Celebrated?
  739. When is Valentine’s Day?
  740. When Rath Yatra of Ahmedabad is carried out?
  741. When was billiards first played?
  742. When was chess first played as an international game?
  743. When was First St. Patrick’s Day Parade held?
  744. When was Guru Ravidass born?
  745. When was kindergarten started?
  746. When was tea first grown?
  747. When was the first Earth Day celebrated?
  748. When was the first Labour Day Parade held?
  749. When was the first New Year celebrated?
  750. When was the first wristwatch made?
  751. When were the American bison almost wiped out?
  752. When were the comic books invented?
  753. When were the first land animals appeared on the earth?
  754. When will sharks attack a human being?
  755. When will the Earth die?
  756. Where are crocodiles born?
  757. Where can one lose or gain a day?
  758. Where did all the dodos go?
  759. Where did origami come from?
  760. Where did surfing originate?
  761. Where did Teddy Bears come from?
  762. Where did the phrase throw in the towel originate?
  763. Where did the practice of sunbathing originate?
  764. Where did the saying Jimmy Christmas come from?
  765. Where do budgerigars live in the wild?
  766. Where do butterflies go when it rains?
  767. Where do elephants die?
  768. Where do flies go in winter?
  769. Where do Golden Eagles nest?
  770. Where do ostriches nest?
  771. Where do salmon go to breed?
  772. Where do spiders keep their webs?
  773. Where do sponges come from?
  774. Where do tigers live?
  775. Where do Whelks their eggs?
  776. Where do you find frogs that live in tree?
  777. Where do you find volcanoes?
  778. Where does a bee keep it’s sting?
  779. Where does a leech feed?
  780. Where does a swallow nest?
  781. Where does caviare come from?
  782. Where does china come from?
  783. Where does Santa Claus live?
  784. Where does the saying – I wish you Godspeed – come from?
  785. Where does the word ‘ambergris’ come from?
  786. Where in Spain you will find a fantastic, unfinished Holy Family?
  787. Where is Baisakhi Celebrated?
  788. Where is Mullaperiyar Dam?
  789. Where is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?
  790. Where is Shamo desert?
  791. Where is Shravanabelagola Jain Temple?
  792. where is the ‘lemon festival’ celebrated?
  793. Where is the ‘magnetic hill’?
  794. Where is the annual Ice Festival in China held?
  795. Where is the Bridge of Sighs and why is it called so?
  796. Where is the earth?
  797. Where is the longest snake in the world?
  798. Where is the lost kingdom of Atlantis?
  799. Where is the Pampa?
  800. Where is the Rare Blind Dolphin Found?
  801. Where is the Taj Mahal?
  802. Where is the tallest living tree? How tall is it?
  803. Where is the White City?
  804. Where is the world’s oldest underground railway?
  805. Where is the world’s wettest place?
  806. Where is the worlds sunniest place?
  807. Where is Tower of London?
  808. Where was ‘Pachisi’ first played?
  809. Where was Lord Buddha born?
  810. Where was the wheel invented?
  811. Where were hookahs first used?
  812. Where would you find a black widow?
  813. Where would you find a live prehistoric fish?
  814. Where would you find a Red Giant?
  815. Where would you find the world’s largest animal?
  816. Where would you find truffles?
  817. Where would you look for a trap-door spider?
  818. Where you can find Tuareg, Ashanti, and Masai people?
  819. Which animal can run at about 60 mph (100km/h)- as fast as a car?
  820. Which animal is a glutton?
  821. Which animal moves by jet propulsion?
  822. Which animal produces the biggest baby?
  823. Which animals wear bells?
  824. Which are the 10 Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries in the World?
  825. Which bears wear ‘glasses’?
  826. Which bird has claws on its wings?
  827. Which brother of Ravana joined and helped Lord Rama?
  828. Which Christian festival is the Nice Carnival linked to?
  829. Which City was specially built to replace Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil?
  830. Which country gets the most rain in the world?
  831. Which country has the highest male-female ratio?
  832. Which country has the most cattle?
  833. Which crab has a ‘mobile home’?
  834. Which day is the ‘Maghi’ Day?
  835. Which dog cannot bark?
  836. Which festivals of India are similar to ‘Thanksgiving Day’?
  837. Which fish breathes air?
  838. Which fish spits at insects?
  839. Which huge flightless bird lays world’s largest egg?
  840. Which insect has the largest wingspan?
  841. Which insects build enormous mounds?
  842. Which is Europe’s longest river, and where does it flow?
  843. Which is Lohri Festival Popular Punjabi Folk Song, and brief history on Dulla Bhatti?
  844. Which is the biggest eater in the animal kingdom?
  845. Which is the Chariot Festival of India?
  846. Which is the coldest continent?
  847. Which is the earliest reality show?
  848. Which is the elephant’s closest relative?
  849. Which is the fastest animal?
  850. Which is the first art gallery?
  851. Which is the Great Indian Thanksgiving – Hindu Harvest Festival?
  852. Which is the heaviest flying bird?
  853. Which is the largest freshwater fish in the world?
  854. Which is the largest member of the wild dog family?
  855. Which is the longest building in the world?
  856. Which is the most abundant group of animals?
  857. Which is the most intelligent bird?
  858. Which is the most widely used alphabet in the world?
  859. Which is the oldest civilization?
  860. Which is the oldest dance form?
  861. Which is the oldest lighthouse in the world?
  862. Which is the only bird that can eat cuckoo-pint berries?
  863. Which is the only cat that cannot retract its claws?
  864. Which is the thickest snake in the world?
  865. Which is the world’s rarest bird?
  866. Which is the world’s first oceanarium?
  867. Which is the world’s sleepiest animal?
  868. Which Italian city was built on a small group of Islands in a Lagoon?
  869. Which Mammal lays Eggs?
  870. Which mammals really fly?
  871. Which mutual fund scheme is the oldest in world?
  872. Which nation has 20 times more sheep than people?
  873. Which nocturnal animal lives in sett (underground tunnel)? How is it built?
  874. Which religion worship God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva?
  875. Which single country produces about one fifth of the world’s wine?
  876. Which species of fish lives at the highest altitude?
  877. Which spectacular Indian temple was built for the love of a woman?
  878. Which state first granted Labour Day legal status as holiday?
  879. Which vast region in the Russian Federation stretches from the Ural Mountains to Alaska?
  880. Which was the first major language of Europe?
  881. Which was the first reality programme?
  882. Which was the first war fought in the history of mankind?
  883. Which was theme state for Surajkund Craft Mela?
  884. Which word has the most number of synonyms?
  885. Who are Acharya?
  886. Who are carborexics?
  887. Who are carpet-baggers?
  888. Who are Echo Boomers?
  889. Who are hippy-crites?
  890. Who are kitchen police?
  891. Who are pajamahadeen?
  892. Who are Rajputs?
  893. Who are Siddhas?
  894. Who are stags in the stock market?
  895. Who are stilt fishermen?
  896. Who are the Bedouins?
  897. Who are the Berbers?
  898. Who are the Cossacks?
  899. Who are the Pearly Kings and Queens?
  900. Who are Recipients of the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?
  901. Who are the vanishing peoples of the world?
  902. Who are the youngest and oldest captains to win the soccer world cup?
  903. Who began the labour movement?
  904. Who came in the guise of a Golden Deer to the Ashrama of Rama?
  905. Who created Sherlock Holmes?
  906. Who discovered America?
  907. Who Founded Sikhism and When?
  908. Who founded the Earth Day?
  909. Who has written the maximum number of books?
  910. Who invented Monopoly?
  911. Who invented Photography and when?
  912. Who invented shorthand?
  913. Who invented the board game Snakes and Ladders?
  914. Who invented the speech bubble and when was it first used?
  915. Who is a deleb?
  916. Who is a digital nomad?
  917. Who is a flexitarian?
  918. Who is a frenemy?
  919. Who is a ghetto parent?
  920. Who is a hypermiler?
  921. Who is a musher?
  922. Who is a scrum-half ?
  923. Who is a sexer?
  924. Who is a stealth shopper?
  925. Who is a troglodyte?
  926. Who is a whistleblower?
  927. Who is Adolf Loos?
  928. Who is afraid of snakes?
  929. Who is an environmental refugee?
  930. Who is an exceptor?
  931. Who is Anastasia?
  932. Who is Anna Hazare?
  933. Who is Bharmacharini?
  934. Who is Binayak Sen?
  935. Who is Chandraghanta?
  936. Who is Dominique Strauss Kahn?
  937. Who is Hugronaphor?
  938. Who is Julian Assange?
  939. Who is Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee?
  940. Who is Kaal Ratri?
  941. Who is Katyayani?
  942. Who is Kiran Bedi?
  943. Who is known as the ‘Pumpkin King of Britain’?
  944. Who is Kushmanda?
  945. Who is Maha Gauri?
  946. Who is Omar Suleiman?
  947. Who is Raymond Allen Davis?
  948. Who is Sanjiv Chaturvedi?
  949. Who is Shailaputri?
  950. Who is Siddhidatri?
  951. Who is Skanda Mata?
  952. Who is son of Lord Rama and Sita?
  953. Who Is St. Patrick and Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  954. Who is Teej Mata?
  955. Who is the Easter Bunny?
  956. Who is the world’s youngest king?
  957. Who is the youngest Olympic gold medallist?
  958. Who made the first ice cream in the world?
  959. Who owns Antarctica and its resources?
  960. Who swallowed the Sun?
  961. Who was Achilles?
  962. Who was Amit Jethwa?
  963. Who was called the Iron Chancellor?
  964. Who was Dick Whittington?
  965. Who was Dulla Bhatti and his relation with Lohri Festival?
  966. Who was Geronimo?
  967. Who was Hermann Kallenbach?
  968. Who was Indira?
  969. Who was King Frederic II?
  970. Who was Lady Godiva?
  971. Who was Lord Mahavir?
  972. Who was Marco Polo?
  973. Who was Mona Lisa?
  974. Who was Mother Teresa?
  975. Who was Mrs Pankhurst?
  976. Who was Nehru?
  977. Who was Robin Hood?
  978. Who was Subhas Chandra Bose and his role in India’s Struggle for Independence?
  979. Who was the ‘the Enlightened One’?
  980. Who was the 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism?
  981. Who was the author of Ramayana?
  982. Who was the Elephant Man?
  983. Who was the father of Lord Rama?
  984. Who was the first Indian to be knighted?
  985. Who was the founder of modern China?
  986. Who was the guru of Lord Rama?
  987. Who was the real Robinson Crusoe?
  988. Who was the spiritual guru of Meera Bai?
  989. Who was the strongest promoter of Father’s Day?
  990. Who was the Zodiac killer?
  991. Who were the druids?
  992. Who were the first Americans?
  993. Who were the first Gipsies?
  994. Who were the four Sahibzadas, name them?
  995. Who were the hobbits?
  996. Who were the Iron Chancellors?
  997. Who were the Vikings?
  998. Who were Wee Folk?
  999. Who won the first Palme dOr at Cannes?
  1000. Who wrote 66 best-selling mystery novels in 56 years?
  1001. Who wrote the song “Happy Birthday to you”?
  1002. Why 21 June was chosen as International Yoga Day?
  1003. Why “reality show” is so popular?
  1004. Why and when Britishers attempted to kill Bose?
  1005. Why are ‘birds’ eggs so shaped?
  1006. Why are ‘daily soaps’ called so?
  1007. Why are cats said to be in season?
  1008. Why are crabs, lobsters and shrimps called crustaceans?
  1009. Why are feet so ticklish?
  1010. Why are frogs, toads and newts called amphibia?
  1011. Why are hats a rage at the races?
  1012. Why are hurricanes given female names?
  1013. Why are many Japanese trees small?
  1014. Why are mosquitoes attracted to the colour black?
  1015. Why are some moths attracted by light?
  1016. Why are Some Reptiles Brightly Coloured?
  1017. Why are South Africans called the Proteas?
  1018. Why are the Emmy Awards so called?
  1019. Why are the people of Japan also known as Nipponese?
  1020. Why are there 12 zodiac signs and not more or less?
  1021. Why are Vampire bats dangerous?
  1022. Why are zebras striped?
  1023. Why can owls see well at night?
  1024. Why candles are associated with Christmas?
  1025. Why Dewali is celebrated?
  1026. Why did Columbus sail westwards?
  1027. Why did Gandhi fast?
  1028. Why did India need to bury Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose before his death?
  1029. Why do African elephants have bigger ears than Indian elephants?
  1030. Why do animals become extinct?
  1031. Why do bats make a high-pitched sound as they fly?
  1032. Why do Beavers Build Dams?
  1033. Why do birds eat grit?
  1034. Why do birds migrate?
  1035. Why do birds preen themselves?
  1036. Why do bride sit to the left of their grooms?
  1037. Why do butterflies and moths have ‘powder’ on their wings?
  1038. Why do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?
  1039. Why do cats purr?
  1040. Why do dogs bury bones?
  1041. Why do dogs have a better sense of smell than we do?
  1042. Why do flamingos have bent beaks?
  1043. Why Do Horses Need Shoes?
  1044. Why do Locusts Swarm?
  1045. Why do lots of tourists flock to the town of Oberammergau every ten years?
  1046. Why do many birds have honeycombed bones?
  1047. Why do penguins only have small flipper-like wings?
  1048. Why Do Rabbits have Buck Teeth?
  1049. Why do rabbits have large ears?
  1050. Why do rattlesnakes have rattles?
  1051. Why do some animal hibernate?
  1052. Why do some plants capture insects?
  1053. Why do the English and Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s day?
  1054. Why do the eyes of some animals glow in the dark?
  1055. Why Do Turtles and Tortoises Live So Long?
  1056. Why do we celebrate Children’s Day in India?
  1057. Why do we celebrate Diwali?
  1058. Why do we celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr?
  1059. Why do we celebrate Janmashtami ?
  1060. Why do we celebrate Mahashivratri?
  1061. Why do we celebrate National Doctors Day?
  1062. Why do we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?
  1063. Why do we celebrate World Environment Day?
  1064. Why do we eat turkey for Thanksgiving?
  1065. Why do we have a dawn chorus?
  1066. Why do we have eggs at Easter?
  1067. Why do wells dry up?
  1068. Why does a dowser, or diviner, use a Y-shaped hazel or willow twig?
  1069. Why does a lizard shed it’s tail?
  1070. Why does a snake dance?
  1071. Why does the camel have a hump?
  1072. Why does the date of Easter move?
  1073. Why does the Hermit Crab live in a shell?
  1074. Why does the learning tower of Pisa lean?
  1075. Why does the Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas on January 7?
  1076. Why does the spider family bear the name Archnida?
  1077. Why does the tautara hunt?
  1078. Why don’t the teeth of animals decay though they never brush their teeth?
  1079. Why France celebrate Labour Day or May Day?
  1080. Why Guru Gobind Singh ji said in Zaffarnama that he is an idol breaker, but yet he protected hindus?
  1081. Why Himalayas are known as the roof of the world?
  1082. Why Hindus worship Goddess Saraswati on Basant Panchami?
  1083. Why Holi is known as festival of colors?
  1084. Why International Women’s Day is Celebrated?
  1085. Why is a BMW car also known as a Beemer?
  1086. Why is a honeymoon so called?
  1087. Why is an Englishman called John Bull?
  1088. Why is children’s day celebrated in india?
  1089. Why is Christmas Day on the 25th December?
  1090. Why is gujia made on Holi?
  1091. Why is Guru Nanak so important to Sikhs?
  1092. Why is Independence Day celebrated on 4th of July?
  1093. Why is Lord Shiva Worshipped in His Phallic Form?
  1094. Why is May Day Celebrated?
  1095. Why is Nagpur called the zero mile centre?
  1096. Why is Norway called Land of the Midnight Sun?
  1097. Why is Scotland Yard so called?
  1098. Why is the Amazon River so called?
  1099. Why is the animal called a pig, and its meat called pork?
  1100. Why is the arrow-poison frogs of rain forest so brightly colored?
  1101. Why is the ball python so called?
  1102. Why is the Black Sea called so?
  1103. Why is the British flag called the ‘Union Jack’?
  1104. Why is the bucket seat in automobiles called so?
  1105. Why is the Cape of Good Hope so called?
  1106. Why is the Forbidden City called so?
  1107. Why is the Gurdwara so important to Sikhs?
  1108. Why is the ichneumon fly known as the farmer’s friends?
  1109. Why is the international dateline drawn in a zigzag manner?
  1110. Why is the manchineel tree dangerous?
  1111. Why is the Pronghorn so called?
  1112. Why is the Spring Festival celebrated?
  1113. Why is the Taj Trapezium Zone and why is it called so?
  1114. Why is the Turtle Island called so?
  1115. Why is windmills common sight in the Netherlands?
  1116. Why is World No Tobacco Day Celebrated and its History?
  1117. Why is Wuhan called the ‘thoroughfare of the nine provinces’?
  1118. Why Lord Ganesha Has Only One Tusk?
  1119. Why Lord Shiva is called ‘Neelkantha’?
  1120. Why Lord Shiva Worship at Night?
  1121. Why Mother’s Day is Celebrated?
  1122. Why Navratri comes twice a year?
  1123. Why Navratri has Nine Nights & Days?
  1124. Why Taliban use white flag while ISIS uses black one?
  1125. Why was King Alfred called the Great?
  1126. Why was the New Amsterdam Colony established?
  1127. Why we worship Mother Goddess on Navratri?
  1128. Why were rabbits such a menace in Australia?
  1129. Why would you avoid a Portuguese man-of-war, while swimming in the sea?
  1130. With which arrow did Lord Rama killed Ravana?
  1131. Worship at the diwali festival?

सामाजिक विज्ञान प्रश्न और उत्तर

  1. गणेश चतुर्थी उत्सव का आरंभ कब और कैसे हुआ?
  2. आखिर 26 जनवरी को ही क्यों मनाया जाता है गणतंत्र दिवस?

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