What are Ram Navami Quotes?

What are Ram Navami Quotes?

What are Ram Navami Quotes? Ram Navami festival commemorates the birth of Lord Shree Ram. Ram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the three major gods of Hindu religion came to earth for killing Ravana and reestablishment of ‘dharma’ (religion). He was also born as idyllic example of perfect human being. Lord Rama through various incidents of his life taught the human beings what should be the ideal behavior of a perfect human being in the situations of loss, gain, pleasure and pain. The epics like Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas explain the real identity of Rama and significance of his existence on earth. It is said that the name of Ram is so pious that simply remembering his name by true heart vanishes all the sins of a man. Explore through this article some quotes about Ram that are often used on occasion like Ram Navami.

Popular Rama Navami Quotes

  • Rama for you should mean the path he trod, the ideal he held aloft, and the ordinance he lay down. They are eternal and timeless.
  • The Immortal had come in the form of Rama to show the way to Immortality.
  • When Rama is installed in the heart, every thing will be added unto you – fame, fortune, freedom, fullness.
  • Now you worship His Form, you repeat His name; ignoring His orders. Without practicing the discipline laid down by Rama to purify the mind, all else is mere show, empty rituals.
  • It is not enough, nor is it essential that you should repeat the name of Rama loudly; respect it in the fullness of love and admiration.
  • Every one’s voice was given equal weight in the empire ruled over by Rama.
  • The greatest formula that can liberate, cleanse and elevate the mind is Rama-Name, the Name of Rama.
  • From the fact that I had permitted them to announce My arrival for the function, they could well have inferred that the floods would subside and that I would be in their midst, for, once My word goes forth, it must happen accordingly. Do not doubt it. The furious waves calmed before Rama, the floods went down in time for Me.

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