When is Thai Pongal Celebrated?

When is Thai Pongal Celebrated?

When is Thai Pongal Celebrated? Thai Pongal is celebrated on January 14th every year. The month of Thai (January) is the harvest season in the Tamil homeland spanning from Tamil Nadu to Tamil Eelam. Pongal refers to rice cooked in milk and sweetened with brown sugar (chakkarai, from which the English word jaggery is derived).

On a full scale it is a three-day festival of nature-worship. It includes feeding the birds that are part of the beauty of nature, and offering thanks to the cattle, Mattu Pongal, which gives milk and plough the fields. Jallikkattu is a peaceful sport involving bulls celebrated by young men as a part of 3-day Thai Pongal.

How Pongal is celebrated?

Pongal is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm across the country, especially in Tamil Nadu. Special fairs and events are organised to celebrate this harvest festival. People also perform various kinds of pujas to seek Sun God’s blessings and thank nature for providing crucial resources.

Special food items like medu vada, avial, rasam, beetroot pachadi, sakkarai pongal and moong dal payasam are also prepared during the four days of Pongal.

However, the celebrations of Pongal have been massively hit this year because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has affected more than 1 crore people and claimed over 1.50 lakh lives in India so far. Due to the pandemic, we would request to stay inside your houses and follow COVID-19 norms while celebrating the beautiful festival of Pongal.

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