Which animals wear bells?

Which animals wear bells?In remote parts of the world, where animals might easily get lost among craggy mountains or in deep forests, bells are tied to them.

In Switzerland, beautiful carved and painted bells are hung around the necks of cows as they graze. Some herders believe this gentle sound keeps the cows contented.

Falcons often hunt with two tiny bells attached to their legs in case they fail to return to their hunter with the prey.

Desert sandstorms continually change the shapes of the dunes and valleys, so it is easy for resting camels to be buried. The faint tinkle of their neck bells guides their owners to them.

After a day’s work hauling logs in the Indian forests, the elephants rejoin the herd for the night. They wear wooden bells that make hollow musical note. Each owner can detect the bell of his animal.Deep Forests, Switzerland, Painted Bells, Cows

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