Where is the lost kingdom of Atlantis?

Where is the lost kingdom of Atlantis?We known about the lost kingdom of Atlantis through the writings of the Greek philosopher Plato. He had heard the story from the people to whom the story was already a legend, is it is by no means a new Atlantis was a very rich island with a huge city, a palace and a temple on the summit, and Plato tells us that its people became wicked and were punished by having their city destroyed in a day and a night when the whole island exploded and sank beneath the waves.

A number of people have had ideas about where Atlantis was, but one thing is sure; Plato was certainly wrong about where it was, and the he may have mistaken the date of the disaster. The original Atlantis may have been off the coast of Greece, and called Kalliste. About 3500 years ago, there was a huge volcanic explosion on the island of Kalliste. The people tried to get away to Crete, an island about sixty miles away, but falling lava and rocks made escape impassible, and soon a huge tidal wave crashed down upon them. This wave traveled on to the north African coast, and its effects may have been the source of the Old Testament story about Moses parting the Red Sea.

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