What steps are taken by the WHO on World No Tobacco Day?

What steps are taken by the WHO on World No Tobacco Day?

WHO has taken many steps in reducing or banning the use of tobacco or its products by establishing an event called World No Tobacco Day and various other health awareness campaigns on world level. Some of the special steps taken by the WHO towards no tobacco use are mentioned below:
  • WHO had passed a resolution called WHA40.38 in 1987 to celebrate an event called “World no-smoking day” on 7th of April in 1988 on its 40th anniversary aiming to request and aware tobacco users all over the world to reduce or quit the use of tobacco.
  • WHO had passed another resolution called WHA42.19 in 1988 to celebrate an event called World No Tobacco Day yearly on every 31st of May. It also supports the celebration by organizing various events and tobacco-related themes.
  • WHO had established another event called Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) in 1998 aiming to focus on international resources as well as draw people’s attention towards the global health issues of tobacco use. It helps in creating the public health policies globally, encouraging people across societies and etc for effective tobacco Control.
  • WHO FCTC is another public health treaty adopted globally in 2003 as an agreement of implementing policies for tobacco cessation.
  • WHO had declared ban on tobacco advertisement, sponsorship and promotion on the eve of World No Tobacco Day celebration in 2008 by creating the theme “Tobacco-free youth”.

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