Why are the people of Japan also known as Nipponese?

Why are the people of Japan also known as Nipponese?Nippon is the Japanese name for Japan. It literally means ‘the sun’s origin’, which is often translated as the land of the rising sun. The Japanese name Nippon is used mostly for official purposes, including on the currency, in the constitution, on postage stamps and at many international sporting events. Nippon first appeared in history only at the end of the 7th century in the Old Book of Tang which said that the Japanese envoy disliked his country’s then name Woguo and changed it to Nippon. Another 8th -century chronicle, True Meaning of Shiji states that the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian ordered a Japanese envoy to change the country’s name to Nippon. And hence, people of Japan are also known as Nipponese.

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