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Poems In English

Chant To Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: Ratan Bhattacharjee

Chant To Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - An Inspirational Poetry

Netaji Subhas You are not dead, You are alive Alive for ever Your name is all around At the five point crossing Or at the green brigade ground As a simple statue Under the shade of a tree Now resting in peace But you did not know rest While you were alive So you are still alive You are alive …

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Republic Day: Anoop Lokkur

राष्ट्रगान मुझको भी आता है: मनोहर लाल ‘रत्नम’

This generation of a different kind Wasted youths with low and fickle mind Its time for a Revolution! until there is Satisfaction We are all just Hypocrites, Under the rule of Masochists! We are wrapped in a blanket of lies anything you want has its own price $$$ We are all just Hypocrites, Under the rule of Masochists! Blindfolded we …

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Proud to Celebrate Republic Day

Enlightening story about Our National Flag: Glory Of The National Flag

We Indians are very proud to celebrate Republic day Protected by soldiers in the border who never sway Hear me, I just have few things to say Reading this you may decide your own way Over the years that has past ’26th Jan is just another holiday’, I thought With the very recent wisdom I have got I salute the …

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Thai Pongal: English poem on Pongal Festival

Thai Pongal - English poem on Pongal Festival

Milk Rice the Golden child came – granting immeasurable ecstasy in her cooking Farmers with the beauty of lion dream a picturesque memory this new year gleam. Elevated threshing floor courtyard the face-where month of January gave love’s kiss with rice share abundance in red rice and charity – sweet to the tongue January child glad to meet. With the …

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Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

On a maiden day, in Patna, beneath the radiant sun, comes forth from the heavens, a melody just once heard before. The gods and angels await… The universe in silence still, From the will of God Almighty, comes forth Justice, in splendid form. The prayers of the saints, the terror stricken poor, are heard by God, and justice served. The …

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New Year’s Day: U2

New Year’s Day - U2

All is quiet on New Year’s Day. A world in white gets underway. I want to be with you, be with you night and day. Nothing changes on New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day. I… will be with you again. I… will be with you again. Under a blood-red sky A crowd has gathered in black and white Arms …

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Happy New Year Wish: Joanna Fuchs

Happy New Year Wish - Joanna Fuchs

My Happy New Year wish for you Is for your best year yet, A year where life is peaceful, And what you want, you get. A year in which you cherish The past year’s memories, And live your life each new day, Full of bright expectancies. I wish for you a holiday With happiness galore; And when it’s done, I …

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Happy New Year: Pop Song by ABBA Group

Happy New Year Song - ABBA

No more champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you Feeling lost and feeling blue It’s the end of the party And the morning seems so grey So unlike yesterday Now’s the time for us to say… Happy New Year… Happy New Year… Sometimes I see How the brave new world arrives And I see how it …

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A New Year With You: Joanna Fuchs

A New Year With You: A beautiful New Year Love Poem

I’m so grateful for a new year to spend with you, my most special one, my cherished and treasured love, who has gifted me with happiness and joy, adventure and excitement, comfort and peace. As I look ahead, I see each day with you filled with warmth and affection, a deeper, more fulfilling love, than I could have imagined in …

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It Was A Very Good Year: Frank Sinatra

It Was A Very Good Year - New Year Song by Frank Sinatra

When I was seventeen It was a very good year It was a very good year for small town girls And soft summer nights Wed hide from the lights On the village green When I was seventeen When I was twenty-one It was a very good year It was a very good year for city girls Who lived up the …

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