Baisakhi: The New Season

Baisakhi: The New Season English Poetry

Baisakhi: The New Season English Poetry – Baisakhi (especially in Punjab) is celebrated in much the same way as Gurpurbs. Gurdwaras are decorated and visited. Parades, dancing and singing happen throughout the day. Many Sikhs choose to be baptized into the Khalsa brotherhood on this day.

Baisakhi: The New Season

Stretching, rubbing my eyes,
With a wide yawn, I fill my lungs
With freshness of meadows.

Chitter-chatter of the birds
Slowly filling the air
Coupled with moo moo’s so dear.

A perfect natural note
Suddenly breaks to
The gradual pumping of water
Blending perfectly with slow
Increasing its pace to the
Sweet dancing maidens
Accentuating ambience, while
Precariously balancing their load.

A momentary pause and then
Breaking monotony with their trinkets
Kicking dust, completing the beat
In loud crescendo.

Flowing colorful dupatta
Blending with the light
Complimenting vast expanse
Of yellow, flowing, rhythmic fields
Fill this cool breezy morning.

The new season has arrived.

~ Anonymous

Nagar Kirtans

The festival is marked with Nagar Kirtan processions: processions through the streets (Nagar means “town”) which form an important part of Sikh culture and religious celebrations.

Kirtan is a term meaning the singing of hymns from the Guru Grath Sahib, the Sikh holy book. Celebrations always include music, singing and chanting scriptures and hymns.

The processions are led by traditionally dressed Panj Piaras.

The Guru Granth Sahib will be carried in the procession in a place of honour.

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