Gurpurab Festival Images

Gurpurab Festival Images, Sikhism Stock Photos

Gurpurab Festival Images: This is the anniversary of a guru’s birth or death; marked by the holding of a festival. A gurpurb in Sikh tradition is a celebration of an anniversary related to the lives of the Sikh gurus. Observance of these anniversaries is an important feature of the Sikh way of life.

An estimated 28 million people are followers of Sikhism, which then makes it the fifth largest religion in the world. A popular place where this religion is practiced is in Asia & America. Sikhs are usually identified by the Turban (which Sikhs call a Dastaar or Pagri), distinctive headgear which could be worn by both men and women. Sikhs arrived in North America in 1897 and played a pivotal role in the opening of the West and construction of the Panama Canal.

Gurpurab Festival Images, Sikhism Stock Photos

5 Ks in Sikhism

Khalasa is the military community of Sikhism. A Sikh must follow the 5 k’s:

  • Having unshorn / uncut hair. This is called a Kesh. Whether male or female, a person is required to keep their Kesh covered. People usually cover their Kesh with a turban, or a scarf (Chunni).
  • A wooden comb in their hair. This is called a Kanga. This symbolizes cleanliness which is an important part of Sikhism.
  • A steel bracelet. This is for protection and physical reminder that a one is bound to the Guru. This is called a Kara. This is to show that god has no beginning and no end.
  • Cotton underwear that has to be always worn. This is called a Kachera. It is a reminder to stay away from lust and attachment.
  • A small sword. This is worn to defend one’s faith and protect the weak. This is called Kirpan. It is only to be used in self-defense. Many of these are now welded shut.

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