Searching: Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Searching: Guru Nanak Dev Ji Poetry for Kids

Searching: Guru Nanak Dev – Guru Nanak was born in Nankana Sahib, in Punjab. This is now part of Pakistan.

When Guru Nanak was a child he refused the upanayana (holy thread) to initiate him into the Hindu religion. Later in his life he married Mata Sulakhani with whom he had two sons. They were called Sri Chand and Lakshmi Das. According to the Sikh religion, one day he was bathing in the river and god took him up to heaven. His family members were very worried as they had thought he died. After three days he returned with the message of god. He gave up his job to spread the message on how to be a good person.

He died in Kartarpur.

Searching: Guru Nanak Dev Ji

My heart’s in darkness, my mind is soiled
my soul’s forgotten, its voice unheard.
The sun and moon no longer brightly shine,
the stars distant, live isolated and lost.

The world, my friends, my family and I
search for answers to enlighten our lives.
Tempted by society, disillusioned am I
The Truth my curse, brings my ego pain.

The guilt, the knowledge of my many sins
I fear, leave forgotten, reality don’t face.
I hide in darkness, shattered life I live.
The Truth can’t face, too difficult it is.

When will I answer the call of my soul?
The Truth, my support, my livelihood.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs, enlightenment I seek
ferry me across this ocean drowning me.

Give me the Truth, my mind wash clean
bathe heart in love, my soul please free.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs the key to unlock maya’ chains
your shabad, mind enlightens, soul freedom attains.

~ “Searching: Guru Nanak Dev Ji” by Anonymous

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