Bollywood – Kritika Dey

Her looks kill everyone,
She’s nothing less than a doll.
You just can’t take your eyes off her,
She’s the fairest of them all.

She’s every man’s dream girl,
The epitome of beauty.
Sings like a lark, as graceful as a swan,
She’s the Indian heroine.

He’s macho, he’s handsome,
The latest teenage craze.
He mesmerizes every women,
Irrespective of their age.

He’s got the perfect physique,
Leaves everyone wanting for more.
He’s got the prettiest of eyes,
He’s the Indian hero.


So it’s love at first sight,
Next they’re dancing round omnipresent trees,
When out of the blue, the bad guy enters,
And the hero-heroine freeze.

The bad guy takes the girl away,
Somewhere the hero’ll never find.
While the heroine’s screaming her lungs out,
The hero’s close behind.

Next follows an exhausting fight,
Where the bad gets defeated by the good.
The hero heroine live happily ever after,
“It happens only in Bollywood”.

The Karishmas, Preitys and Kareenas,
Give each other a run for their money.
Together with the Hrithiks and Shahrukhs,
They rule the movie screen.


They work day and night,
Try and understand their script.
And when the movie’s finally released,
They pray for a super hit.

They rule the Indian crowd,
They try and give their best.
With tough competition all around,
They all want to outshine the rest.

All being icons of this industry,
They bask in stardom.
They try their best to remain down to earth,
But they definitely have fun.

The directors, producers, actors, singers,
Work their way through the maze.
With friendly rivalry all around,
They all want to stay in the race.

Some of the films are remakes,
Of the ones already released in Bollywood.
No, Don’t be surprised, coz we all know,
“It happens only in Bollywood”.


∼ Kritika Dey

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