Last Breath – Khushbu Nanavati

Last Breath

Hold me now,
I’m stuck in an earthquake
Hold me now,
I’m taking my last breath.

I don’t wanna die
But I’m just 8ft far from death.
I know it’s not too far
Still you can catch me.

Listen to my voice
Please come and catch me.
Save me now,
I’m stuck in an earthquake
Save me now,
Or I will have to meet death.

I have wasted so many days
But today I want to say many things before I die.
I want to say that I always loved you
I have spent sleepless nights dreaming of you.
I’m sorry for not paying enough attention
But I always cared for you.
I’m sorry for not expressing the love
That I should have expressed.

I want to tell you all this and more
And that is what I want to live for.
Just let me articulate my love for you
All the feelings old and new.
After that even death will besiege me
And an earthquake won’t be unpleasant to see.

But for now,
I’m stuck in an earthquake
Hold me now,
I’m taking my last breath.

∼ Khushbu Nanavati

Khushbu NanavatiHello Friends,

I, Khushbu Nanavati, have submitted a lot of poems on this site and fortunately most of them have been published on this site. I have completed writing 100 poems by now and this is a very special occasion for me. I owe my success to because it was the first site that published my poems and gave me maximum exposure. I have received many appreciations and suggestions from the readers and I would like to thank them all today and I hope that this kind of response towards my talent continues and I am sure with the help of I will go on. Not only me but this site has given exposure to many aspiring poets and writers.

Thank you… …this is an ulimate site.

Khushbu Nanavati

A young creative writer from Mumbai, India.

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