Teach Your Children: Short poetry by Arshia Sheikh

Teach Your Children: Poetry by Arshia Sheikh

Teach Your Children: Most children act on impulse, not knowing whether or not it’s good for them.  Also, most parents want their children to know how to behave, but are not sure where to begin. There are several ways how you can be teaching etiquette to kids, most importantly, by setting an example on your own and staying consistent.

Etiquette should be taught at a very early age because once bad habits are formed, it’s difficult to unlearn. As parents, you should realize that they become their children’s role models from the time their child is born.

If the parents are patient and gentle with everyone, the children will be too, and when the parents have good table manners, the children will also learn table manners. The best way of teaching etiquette to kids is to practice it in their presence and ensure they learn from you every day. Remember, table manners for kids are essential.

Teach Your Children: Dr. Arshia Sheikh

Teach your children to be human,

Teach your children to respect other religion.

Teach your children to patiently embrace disdain,

Teach your children to uphold that pain.

Teach your children the lesson of unity,

Teach your children to think about their duty.

Teach your children to help some one,

Teach your children to brighten like sun.

Our teaching will lead them to live their life,

They are the future this will help them to survive.

~ Short Poetry by ‘Dr. Arshia Sheikh

How do I teach my baby manners? For teaching etiquette to kids, you must start with the very basic. And yes, like everything else in life, it should start from your home. The right age to start basic etiquette is between 3 and 4 years. Start with age-appropriate etiquette and slowly move to other rules that you think are good for your child. Don’t overwhelm with rules for which they are not ready yet.

Good etiquette never goes out of style and it is important for you to introduce good manners for kids. It’s one habit that stays for the lifetime and people that follow these are seen with awe. When you think that your child has successfully accomplished basic good manners and now is old enough to be given a new set of etiquette rules, let them know. Also, tell them how proud you are seeing them well behaved and well mannered all this while.

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