English Poem About A Frustrated Student: Oh Teacher, Oh Teacher

Oh Teacher, Oh Teacher: Short English Poetry

Every classroom hold innumerable memories for us. We saw all kinds of people, but the most interesting ones of the lot were the back benchers and most silence people’s are first benchers. Everyone would wonder what these last bench students s did, and why the teachers were always suspicious of them. Being a back bencher, I think it’s because they couldn’t handle the craziness of the back benchers and they cannot answer the questions raised by the backbenchers.

Oh Teacher, Oh Teacher: Sharmila Saheed

My test isn’t signed
Because somehow
My parents went blind
Now, don’t say it’s my fault,
They left their hands in the bank vault.

Oh teacher, Oh teacher
Do you know why
I was born without wings
And so cannot fly
Thus I am late
Didn’t have breakfast,
So if you don’t mind,
Pass me a plate.

Oh teacher, Oh teacher!
I’ve failed again
Please don’t scold me,
Now you’ll see why,
I was thinking about
Having an eagle‘s brain.

~ “Oh Teacher, Oh Teacher” Poem by Sharmila Saheed

Some crazy things that are done by the back benchers:

Starting with how they get up and get ready , they get up just 10 minutes before our classes start running. At last they come to the class the reason explained by back benchers are very funny they use silly reasons simply ‘bike puncture, bus late ‘. The reasons really make us laugh!

You instinctively went to the back, even if the front seats were empty, sometimes they are forced to sit in the first benches.

Sitting in backbenches and secretly listen to music at the back.

Back benchers almost always work on another subject’s homework during a class timings like assignments.

Only back benchers have the guts to fall asleep because the teacher couldn’t see you.

Only back benchers had the liberty to eat when classes are going on.

All the teachers collectively thought that only back benchers a were the naughty ones and have a good character.

Coming to cheating in examination it was really a good adventure in opening slips and writing the answers.

When a question is raised to the back benchers the answers given by them are really very comic that are not even related to the topic going on.

They don’t even have any idea about the syllabus and subjects of that semester.

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