Desmond the Dinosaur

There was once a dashing young dinosaur,
A Dinosaur named Desmond was he,
Whenever he was hungry, he gave a great roar,
And he lived on the edge of the sea.

Now, one day when he was out walking,
He chanced on a Dugong to meet.
He thought: “I won’t stand a-talking,
This Dugong I think I shall eat.”

The Dugong was wearing a fanciful hat,
Which fell to the ground when the Dinosaur roared.
The Dugong exclaimed: “Well, just fancy that!
I suppose he will eat me and still be bored!”

The Dugong didn’t know what to do,
But he very soon had an idea.
He said: “I’iv taken a liking to you-
Would you like the fine hat I have here?

“If you spare my life I will give it to you,
I am sure it would suit you well.”
Desmond agreed, he was flattered, too,
For the hat was green and purple and blue.

So off went young Desmond the Dinosaur,
With the fanciful hat on top of his head,
And from that moment on he ceased to roar,
But smiled all the time instead.


∼ Porter G., Hilda Offen, Pradera, Esme Eve, Alan Jesset, Richard Hooke

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