From The Heart of A Teacher - Sailaja Saxena

From The Heart of A Teacher: Sailaja Saxena

Teacher is the who teaches us knowledge, moral values and make a good person for the future life as we know that the world is too bad and greedy, selfish but it is moving on for the good people.

And it is made by a perfect teacher which make our soul good from a little child to a big teenager and a perfect teacher play a role of teacher on his job, parent on school, friend in bad times, helper in work and a good person in world having self respect from others and give respect to others his teaching techniques is good and it will understand by students.

But there are other teacher who teach only for money and harsh children to come to the tuition that should not be the attitude of a perfect teacher where it is wrong he / she must be protest it or help the student in a bad situation and a perfect teacher must care and love the students.

From The Heart of A Teacher: Poetry On Perfect Teacher Who Helps Student To Become A Better Person

When alone I am sad and troubled
I walk in dark with no one but singled
Miles and miles with a ray a hope
I move with a lot of scope
Carrying with me no prejudice
But lot of charm and no malice
Unknown of the evils of life.

When in school I am truly bound
By the love and respect of the loved
A child is the greatest creation of God
I feel lucky to be with them lord
Children! You are the best
This is the result of my ultimate quest.

∼ ‘From The Heart of A Teacher’ poetry by ‘Sailaja Saxena’

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