Football - Fred Babbin

Football Poem For Students And Children

A football is a ball inflated with air that is used to play one of the various sports known as football. In these games, with some exceptions, goals or points are scored only when the ball enters one of two designated goal-scoring areas; football games involve the two teams each trying to move the ball in opposite directions along the field of play.

Football is one of the most exciting games played world over. It also happens to be one of the oldest games. People have loved playing as well as watching this game since centuries. Many similar ball games were played in the earlier times. These were known by different names in different parts of the world however the rules of the game were almost the same everywhere.

Football, the game that we know today, is played between two teams with 11 players in each team. It is played with a big circular ball which is kicked by the players with the aim to hit the goal. It takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm to win the game.

Football Poem: Fred Babbin

Football, glorious football.
Don’t care what it looks like
Burned! Underdone! Crude!
Don’t care what those crooks like.

Just thinking of growing fat.
Our senses go reeling.
One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling from sitting on the couch!

Fifa World Cup

Football, glorious football!
What wouldn’t we give for
That extra bit more,
that’s all that we should live for.

Why should we be fated
to do nothing but brood on football,
magical football, wonderful football,
marvelous football, fabulous football,
beautiful football, glorious football!

∼ Football Poem By Fred Babbin

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