Christmas Children

Christmas Children: Christmas poem for Students and Children

All: Happy children here we stand, Bringing words of love;
For on this glad Christmas day, Christ came from above.

C – is for the Christ Who came, To this lowly earth.

H – is for the harps that rang, At our Saviour’s birth.

R – is for the ringing bells, Telling Christmas-tide.

I – is for the crystal ice, Where we go to slide.

S – is for the schoolboy’s sled, When he coasting goes.

T – is for poor Tommy Jones-Jack Frost bit his nose.

M – is for the merry part, Of this Christmas day,

A – is for the apple pies Grandma put away.

S – is for old Santa Claus, Coming here to-night.

Hope he’ll wait till nearly morn, So it will be light.

All: Yes, we’re happy children nine, And to each we’re true;
Three cheers for jolly Santa Claus, A happy day to you.

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