You’iv Seen Me – Khushbu Nanavati

khushbu-1You’iv seen me,
Through rough times,
And tedious paths.

You’iv loved me,
No matter how little time I gave you,
And how little attention I paid.

khushbu-2You’iv seen me,
Cope with difficult tasks,
And accomplish great triumphs.

You’iv cared for me,
Even though I was utter rude,
And arrogantly harsh.

You’iv seen me,
Cry for the lost battles,
And broken relations.

khushbu-3You’iv heard me,
Talk a lot,
And sing songs.

You’iv seen me,
Do and say things,
And now you’re ought to see me say,
“I’iv seen you love me and I love you too.”

∼ Khushbu Nanavati

Khushbu NanavatiHello Friends,

I, Khushbu Nanavati, have submitted a lot of poems on this site and fortunately most of them have been published on this site. I have completed writing 100 poems by now and this is a very special occasion for me. I owe my success to because it was the first site that published my poems and gave me maximum exposure. I have received many appreciations and suggestions from the readers and I would like to thank them all today and I hope that this kind of response towards my talent continues and I am sure with the help of I will go on. Not only me but this site has given exposure to many aspiring poets and writers.

Thank you… …this is an ulimate site.

Khushbu Nanavati

A young creative writer from Mumbai, India.

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