Working On The Trash

We’iv been working on RECYCLING
All the trash we can,
We’iv been working on recycling,
It’s a very simple plan,
Separate your glass and paper,
Separate your plastic and tin.
Take the trash that you’iv recycled
To your recycling bin!

We’iv been working on REDUCING
All the trash we can.
We’iv been working on reducing
It’s a very simple plan.
Don’t go wasting any products,
Use just exactly what you need.
Don’t buy things in extra wrapping,
Reduce and you’ll succeed!

We’iv been working on REUSING
All the trash we can.
We’iv been working on reusing,
It’s a very simple plan.
If it’s a paper bag you’re using,
Don’t use it once, use it twice!
Give old clothes and toys to someone,
To reuse them would be nice!

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