Dobbin Has A Holiday: Kids Nostalgia Poetry

Dobbin Has A Holiday: Kids Nostalgia Poetry

Do you remember me, dear folk, along the busy street?
I used to pull the milkman’s float with eager, willing feet.
Perhaps you wondered where I’d gone, so here’s my story true,
And gather round to listen, to the tale I’ll tell to you.At last I grew too old to work.
They found for me a home.

A place where I could be content, a field wherein to roam.
And though at first I sadly missed the life I knew before,
The bustle and the hustle, and the people that I saw,
I soon enough made friends with all the kiddies, far and near,
And how they loved to stroke my mane and whisper in my ear!

Childrens Holiday

∼ Porter G., Hilda Offen, Pradera, Esme Eve, Alan Jesset, Richard Hooke

Children's Day

Children’s day is celebrated every year on 14 November which is also commemorated as the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. His fondness for children was admirable and he had a deep bonding with students like you. I believe every teacher loves his / her students as you are the one who motivate us to come to school every day and teach students like you.

“Chacha Nehru” as he was fondly called had a clear vision for the nation as he believed that the development of our country is possible when young people like you all will take responsibility and charge of various development activities of our Nation. He deliberated that through enthusiasm and aspirations of children only will we be able to achieve the glory that Indian Society is worthy.

It’s not only our school which loves to celebrate Children’s day with fun activities and entertainment programs, but several other institutions too host exciting competitions for children. The day, cannot be complete without reflecting on the values and morals that Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru left behind for us so that you all could follow his footsteps and achieve great success in life with his estimable values. He belonged to a privileged family background but his outlook never reflected that kind of opulence and luxury. He could have easily received a renowned position in the British Administration due to his association with royal families but he left behind the materialistic life and decided to join the Indian National Movement with Mahatma Gandhi.

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