The Saint - Lord Buddha's Poem in English

The Saint: Gautama Buddha English Poetry

The Saint: Gautama Buddha’s Poetry

There is no suffering for the one
who has completed the journey,
who is freed from sorrow,
who has freed oneself on all sides,
who has thrown off all chains.

The thoughtful exert themselves;
they do not delight in a home;
like swans who have left their lake,
they leave their house and home.

Those who have no accumulations, who eat properly,
who have perceived release and unconditioned freedom,
their path is difficult to understand,
like that of birds in the sky.

The Saint: Gautama Buddha English Poetry

Those whose passions are stilled,
who are indifferent to pleasure,
who have perceived release and unconditioned freedom,
their path is difficult to understand,
like that of birds in the sky.

Even the gods admire one whose senses are controlled,
like horses well tamed by the driver,
who is free from pride and free from appetites.
Such a dutiful one who is tolerant like the earth,
who is firm like a pillar,
who is like a lake without mud:
no new births are in store for this one.

One’s thought is calm;
calm is one’s word and one’s action
when one has obtained freedom by true knowledge
and become peaceful.
The one who is free from gullibility,
who knows the uncreated, who has severed all ties,
removed all temptations, renounced all desires,
is the greatest of people.

In a village or in a forest, in a valley or on the hills,
wherever saints live, that is a place of joy.
Forests are delightful; where others find no joy,
there the desire-less will find joy,
for they do not seek the pleasures of the senses.

∼ The Saint: English Poetry by Gautama Buddha

HEALTH is the Greatest Gift, CONTENTMENT the Greatest Wealth, FAITHFULNESS the Best Relationship

Lord Buddha is your ideal guide to achieving mental peace and bliss. He taught the world the actual differences between luxury and simplicity. Do you know the reason why we are suffering? Because we give much importance to our affection to the material pleasures. This Vesak or Buddha Day, you should follow the “Eightfold path” in order to welcome the peace of mind. You can’t enjoy Vesak or Buddha Purnima celebration from your heart without maintaining Eightfold Path.

Right View or Understanding – Know the truth
Right Intention – Free your mind of bad thoughts
Right Speech – Don’t hurt others
Right Action – Work for the good of others
Right Livelihood – Maintain an ethical standard in life
Right Effort – Resist evil
Right Mindfulness – Practice meditation
Right Concentration – Control your thoughts

This Vesak or Buddha Purnima, if you strongly follow this Eightfold Path:

  1. You will be free from all your sufferings.
  2. You will gain complete peace of mind.
  3. You will bring harmony by your own virtues and good conducts and ethics.
  4. You will purify your mind and thoughts only when you will attract goodness and positive aura around you. Then, you will remain positive and inspire others to be positive in life.
  5. You will strengthen your mind.
  6. Those of you who are suffering from the malefic effects of Saturn Sade Sati must maintain Eightfold Path along with other mantras. You will not only release your mental pressure but also boost confidence and get effective results in every sphere of life.

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