Basant: Yudh - English Poem on Kite Flying

Basant: Yudh – English Poem on Kite Flying

The festival of Basant Panchami is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati who is considered to be a goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning. This festival is celebrated in India at the start of spring (Basant) which is generally on the 5th day (Panchami) of the spring season. This festival is associated with kite flying.

Basant: Short English Poetry on Kite Flying

She’s up and away
I’m holdin’ her down,
Stringin’ her back,
But she’s up and away

Kite Flying

Her streamers wave to the rest of the pack
While she’s up and away
Electric poles, been tryin’ to shock and awe,
But my girl, she’s up and away

It’s dusk, the Lahore skies are red,
I’m gliding roof to roof, she’s soaring sky to sky
We’re up and away

She’s jostlin’ for space,
With all the other kites,
The muezzin’s call, the birds heading home
I can’t give in now

We live for today, we die the same way,
Year after year, year after year.
The string tears my flesh, draws out a tear
That’s fine, as long as your kite is mine!
We’re up and away, yeah,
We’re up and away.


As like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana are the two other charming states of India. Here, people believe in celebrating every festival and season with full joy and happiness. Art of living is well known by people living here. Any occasion of happiness is celebrated together. Whatever may be the occasion, arrangement and preparation of songs is always ready. There is no kite flying competition organised at this place, like Gujarat. But, people here celebrate kite festival on Basant Panchami.

The tradition of flying kite is being carried on from long time back, in Punjab. As the Gujarat’s international festival of flying kites, Punjab and Haryana have the sky filled with beautiful and attractive kites. Kites are imported from China, on this occasion. Manjha (sharp thread) is really significant for flying kites. To cut the thread of someones’ kite, Manjha of good quality is required. Manjha is prepared from glass and a sticky substance. This paste is applied on a raw yarn, making it strong and giving sharpness to cutting normal thread of kite.

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