Going to School: Short Poetry by Arshia Sheikh

Going to School: Short Poetry by Arshia Sheikh

Going to School: Short poem – Since the world is facing pandemic, little children misses, the school in lockdown. They are eager to meet their lovely friends and teachers. They enjoy the daily class lesson and activities of the school. Schools give them immense delight.

School is a place where you get proper education in a disciplined environment. Children unite and study with their friends. The teacher teaches various subject like English, maths and poetry. Schools also provides playing time too. Schools also emphasize on physical education. Many schools have made ‘yoga‘ in this curriculum. The school is a place where the future of a child is made.

Going to School: Arshia Sheikh

After the snowy winter, it’s really a snag,
But I am going to school with my bag.

My bus has arrived with my sparkling friends,
I want to meet them and I don’t want to pretend.

All I know that I will learn alphabets,
This is how I will learn English and outset.

I will play with numbers, one two and three,
My teacher will taught me and I will never disagree.

I will learn all poems with joy,
I will also play with some toy.

I will exercise, and will maintain my health,
As I know health is wealth.

The bell rang and the school is over,
Oh! Once again I became a rover.

Going to school give me immense delight,
This is the best place where my future is bright!

~ Short poem by Dr. Arshia Sheikh

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) brings with it feelings like anxiety, stress and uncertainty — and they are felt especially strongly by children of all ages. Though all children deal with such emotions in different ways, if your child has been faced with school closures, cancelled events or separation from friends, they are going to need to feel loved and supported now more than ever.

We spoke with expert adolescent psychologist, best-selling author, monthly New York Times columnist and mother of two Dr. Lisa Damour about how you can help create a sense of normalcy at home while navigating “the new (temporary) normal.”

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