Peter The Pantomime Horse

Peter The Pantomime HorsePeter O’ Riley the Pantomime horse,
He made the children laugh,
Pantomime HorseHe leapt and lumped with such force,
That he nearly fell in half.

Every winter at the “Grand”,
He played in a different show,
He danced the tango to the band,
But he was lonely, don’t you know.

He shook his lovely flowing mane,
And spoke his lines quite well,
His loneliness gave him quite a pain,
How he stuck it, I can’t tell.

But one fine day he chanced to meet,
A lady pantomime horse,
She was prancing down the street,
Thought Peter, “I’ll propose, of course.”

Said Peter, “Too long I have tarried,
It’s time I took me a wife!.”
So Peter and she were married,
And were happy for the rest of their life.

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