Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day: Celebrating Fatherhood

Happy Fathers Day: Father’s Day is not as respected and popularly observed as Mother’s Day. There is a simple reason for this. Although almost everyone has difficult issues with their mothers, there is no doubt as to their mother’s love. The same is not true for fathers. Because men have a more difficult time expressing their feelings to their children, many children go through life with the mistaken notion that their fathers don’t love them. This is a tragedy because fathers generally love their children dearly and often work long hours so that they can raise their children in comfort.

Happy Fathers Day: Poem for Students And Children

A Dad is a person
who is loving and kind,
And often he knows
what you have on your mind.

He’s someone who listens,
suggests, and defends.
A dad can be one
of your very best friends!

He’s proud of your triumphs,
but when things go wrong,
A dad can be patient
and helpful and strong
In all that you do,
a dad’s love plays a part.

Happy Fathers Day

There’s always a place for him
deep in your heart.
And each year that passes,
you’re even more glad,
More grateful and proud
just to call him your dad!

Thank you, Dad…
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but, especially, for just being you!

Father’s Day in India

Father’s Day is not celebrated with much pump and show in India. Being a Britain festival, here it is not given much preference. But, one thing for sure is there which exists tough in each and every part of the world.

But, India is one blessed nation with many such great fathers, queuing up from Vasudeva, who though was not Lord Krishna’s biological father, but Lord Krishna was called with his name as Vasudev Shree Krishna.

Coming down the line is Humanyun, who surrendered his own life just to save his son, Akbar’s life, who then was on the verge of deathbed. Though Humanyun had to give up his life, but he left after him the most promising Mughal Emperor – Akbar.

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