Thoughts I Never Expressed – Khushbu Nanavati

ThoughtsThe doorbell rang,
My intuition said it was you,
Only I know how long I awaited to see you.

I took a deep breath,
And thought about all that I wanted to say you,
I wanted you to know how much I missed you.

A lot many things happened after you left,
I cried like the falling rain,
And my mom grounded me for being insane.

Even that was not enough,
My best friend shifted to Rome,
Without both of you I was so alone.

And there is more,
I wanted to read out the poem I wrote for you,
I wanted you to hear the song I dedicated to you.

But all over that,
I wanted to tell you ‘I still love you’,
And obviously, I first wanted to see you.

Finally, I opened the door,
And there you were, my everything,
I hugged you and kissed you and didn’t wish to say anything.

∼ Khushbu Nanavati

Khushbu NanavatiHello Friends,

I, Khushbu Nanavati, have submitted a lot of poems on this site and fortunately most of them have been published on this site. I have completed writing 100 poems by now and this is a very special occasion for me. I owe my success to because it was the first site that published my poems and gave me maximum exposure. I have received many appreciations and suggestions from the readers and I would like to thank them all today and I hope that this kind of response towards my talent continues and I am sure with the help of I will go on. Not only me but this site has given exposure to many aspiring poets and writers.

Thank you… …this is an ulimate site.

Khushbu Nanavati

A young creative writer from Mumbai, India.

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