Donate Blood - Inspirational English poem on Blood Donation

Donate Blood: Inspirational Blood Donation Poem

Written after seeing a sizable crowd of young and old alike, thronging in our auditorium to donate blood – in a blood donation campaign! This sight gladdened me and made me feel that humanity is still not dead – in these decadent times – when everybody has neither time nor thought for others!

Donate blood
And be blessed
To get a blood-brother
Or blood-sister.

It is painless
It is harmless –
And also priceless!

Many times
It helps
To win back a sole bread-winner
From the death’s doorstep.

A newborn can hope to see
Its mother alive;
The neighbors will come to know
That the stork –
Has brought yet another
Bundle of joy for the mother!

An anxious father
Can hope to see his daughter
Alive and kicking
And chasing a butterfly;
That makes for two butterflies –
On a run!

Grandpa will wake up
From his hospital bed
To tell us the wonderful tales
Full of pep and fun –
And regale us once again!

All these and many more
Accomplished with a few
Drops of blood
Flowing from vein to vein –
In the hour of dire need;
The greatest gift a man
Can bestow on his fellow man!

When suddenly smiles
Bloom in the dreadful
Stifling fearful –
Atmosphere of the casualty,
Death has fled through
The back door
Broken threads of life
Will be woven together again

Donate Blood –
And be blessed;
Get yourself renamed
As the blessing hand of God!

~ Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad

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