Meeting the Easter Bunny - Rowena Bennett

Meeting the Easter Bunny: Rowena Bennett

Meeting the Easter Bunny: The Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs.

Meeting the Easter Bunny: Rowena Bennett

On Easter morn at early dawn
Before the cocks were crowing
I met a bob-tail bunnykin
And asked where he was going.

“Tis in the house and out the house
a tispy, tipsy-toeing,
Tis round the house and ’bout the house
a-lighlty I am going.”

“But what is that of every hue
You carry in your basket?”
“Tis eggs of gold and eggs of blue;
I wonder that you ask it.”

“Tis chocolate eggs and bonbon eggs
And eggs of red and gray,
For every child in every house
On bonny Easter day.”

He perked his ears and winked his eye
And twitched his little nose;
He shook his tail — what tail he had —
And stood up on his toes.

“I must be gone before the sun;
The east is growing gray;
Tis almost time for bells to chime.” —
So he hippety-hopped away.

∼ Poem by Rowena Bennett

Is the Easter Bunny real?

But if you’re looking for the technical, less touchy feely answer to is the Easter Bunny real, well then, no. The Easter Bunny is a figure from folklore and a symbol of Easter. And, by the way, the German Lutheran tradition from which we took the Easter Bunny is not all hidden eggs and chocolates. Much like Santa Claus, their “Easter Hare” was a judge of sorts, monitoring children’s behavior from the start of the Easter season to determine whether they deserved candies, toys and colored eggs.

We prefer the touchy feely answer. But what to tell your kids when they ask is the Easter Bunny real is another issue entirely; one that will hopefully not come up as long as there’s chocolate around.

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