Independence Day of India

Independence Day of India (An Acrostic): Dr John Celes

Independence Day of India: Indian nationalism developed as a concept during the Indian independence movement which campaigned for independence from British rule. Indian nationalism is an instance of territorial nationalism, which is inclusive of all of the people of India, despite their diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. It continues to strongly influence the politics of India and reflects an opposition to the sectarian strands of Hindu nationalism and Muslim nationalism.

I Love My Motherland India because:

Integrity of the nation is paramount
No one is above the laws of the land
Democracy: largest and strongest in the world exists
Industries and industriousness reinforce each other
All are given equal opportunities for development
Sanctity: sacred rivers like Ganges, Brahmaputra, Cauvery etc flow

Security: scientists, sages, seers have had their birth
Indianness, indigenization are of prime value
Xians, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsees, Jains, and others live in amity
Traditions and cultural heritage are mostly preserved
Intellectual resource is an unfathomable wealth
Education has been revitalized through mass media of communication in a big way
Togetherness of peoples has led to unity and harmony
Health: for all is through PHCs,

Internet is revolutionizing mass-education, transactions and
Neutrality makes India a most-friendly nation
Defence includes offence and deterrence
English knowledge is a valuable asset for jobs abroad
Population is both a unique advantage as well as demerit
Economy is quite independent of global factors
Nuclear power is used for peaceful purposes mainly
Development of the individual and nation happens in right proportions
Equality of sexes, creeds and communities is constitutionally safe-guarded
Non-governmental organisations play a vital role in many spheres
Companies of multi-national origin vie with one another to do business in India
Emphasis is on love and brotherhood of nations and not war

Deterioration of social and moral values is not a problem as yet
Agriculture is the main-stay of most people
Yeoman service has been offered by India to most world bodies and in world affairs

∼ Dr. John Celes

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