Jamshed-e-Navroz: Zoroastrian New Year

Jamshed-e-Navroz: Zoroastrian New Year

Jamshed-e-Navroz is a festival celebrated by Parsis all round the world. Jamshed-e-Navroz is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Zoroastrian year. The new year of the Parsis corresponds with vernal equinox or with the advent of spring. The time is decided in Iran which is then passed on to the world of Zoroastrians.

The Parsis, whose name means “Persians”, are descended from Persian Zoroastrians who emigrated to India to avoid religious persecution by Muslims.

Parsi community is a relatively small community in India compared to Hindus, Parsis or Christians. They mostly are concentrated in Gujarat and Mumbai but also at Karachi (Pakistan) and Bengaluru (Karnataka, India). It is precisely because of its small number that Parsi festivals are not visible. The Zoroastrian religion is founded on the three tenets of Good thoughts, good words and good deeds. The Zoroastrians are particular and careful about their religion and their festivals are also structured to reflect the chief aims of Zoroastrianism.

Jamshed-e-Navroz: Legend

Jamshed-e-Navroz is mentioned in the Persian ‘Book of Kings‘ or Shah Nemeh by Firdausi. This festival was first celebrated by King Jamshed after whom the festival is named. It is celebrated to commemorate the ascent of the King on the day of Navroz. ‘Nav’ means ‘new’ and ‘roz’ means ‘day’.

The day coincided with that of vernal equinox meaning equal day and equal night. The day also marks the transition from winter to summer. Named after King Jamshed, Jamshed-e-Navroz is a pagan pastoral festival celebrated by the Parsis with lots of gusto. On this day it is customary for the king to be weighed in gold and silver which is later distributed among the poor.

Rituals and Traditions:

Navroz is celebrated on a grand scale. Although Parsis are westernized, they are quite traditional when it comes to celebrating festivals. Parsis dress in new clothes and wear gold and silver kustis and caps. Jamshed-e-Navroz is a festival symbolizing the spirit of friendship, happiness and harmony. They decorate their houses with auspicious symbols like stars, butterflies, birds and fish. They welcome guests by sprinkling rose water and rice and by applying tilak.

Food forms an important part of their festivities. The most traditional drink during this time is falooda prepared from milk and flavored rose water. They also have ‘Ravo’ for breakfast which is prepared from suji, milk and sugar.

People visit Fire Temple or Agiary for a special thanks giving prayer called, Jashan. After the ceremony people greet each other by saying, Sal Mubarak.

Lunch is also special for the Parsis which consist of pulao. It is traditional for the people to keep a copy of the Gathas, a lit lamp, a bowl of water containing live fish, an afrigan, a shallow earthenware plate with sprouted wheat or beans for prosperity, a silver coin for wealth, flowers for colour, painted eggs for productivity, and sweets and rosewater in bowls for sweetness and happiness on a table. The spread should also contain seven foods beginning with ‘sh’ and ‘s’ symbolizing creation.

People exchange gifts on account of Jamshed-e-Navroz. Parsi festivals bring people from all classes together which is a sign of equality.

Jamshed-e-Navroz: 1st day of 1st month of Zoroastrian Year

Parsi New Year Wishes:

If you are celebrating the Parsi New Year with your friends and family, send these best wishes, messages, greetings and images to them on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

  • Praying for you and your family’s happiness, prosperity and well-being. May you all have an amazing year ahead. Happy Parsi New Year.
  • May this new year bring a lot of happiness to you and your loved ones. Happy Navroz to you.
  • Nights are dark but days are bright, wish your life will always be full of light. My dear, don’t be afraid because God has gifted us a brand New Year. Happy Parsi New Year and Navroz Mubarak.
  • All things bright and beautiful, good and true, fine and wonderful, I wish for all these things for you today and always. Navroz Mubarak.
  • May this Parsi New Year mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life full of new dreams and new hopes. Warm wishes on Navroz to you and your loved ones. Navroz Mubarak.
  • As the New Year begins, let us pray that it will be full of peace, happiness and an abundance of new friends. May God bless you always. Happy New Year.
  • Today, surround yourself with positivity and spread smiles among your near and dear ones. Navroz Mubarak.
  • May Lord praise us in galore. Let’s pray for happiness and prosperity. May this Parsi New Year give us happiness. Happy New Year.
  • As we celebrate the Parsi New Year, I am sending my best wishes wrapped up in lots of love and warmth just for you my dear. Happy Parsi New Year and Navroz Mubarak.
  • I wish all family members and dear ones a Happy Pateti. May you all have a happy, peaceful and prosperous Year ahead. Happy Parsi New Year and Navroz Mubarak.
  • May this Navroz bring along brighter days for you. May you enjoy this occasion with memorable celebrations. Wishing you Navroz Mubarak.

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