Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 8


She had Her eyes fixed on Her own feet, while Her mind was absorbed in the thought of Sri Rama’s lotus feet. The son of the wind-god felt supremely miserable to see Janaka’s Daughter sad.

Concealing himself among the leaves of a tree he mused within himself, “Come, sir, what should I do?” At that very moment Ravana arrived there gaily adorned and accompanied by a troop of women. The wretch tried to prevail upon Her in many ways through friendly advice, allurements, threats and estrangement. Said Ravana, “Listen, O beautiful and wise lady: I will make Mandodari and all other queens your handmaids, I swear, provided you cast your look on me only once.” Interposing* a blade of grass between Herself and Ravana and fixing Her thoughts on Her most beloved lord (Sri Rama), the King of Ayodhya, Videha’s Daughter rejoined: “Listen, O ten-headed monster: can a lotus flower ever expand in the glow of a fire-fly?” “Ponder this at heart,” continued Janaka’s Daughter; “perhaps you have no idea what Sri Rama’s shafts are like, O wretch. You carried me off at a time when there was none by my side; yet you do not feel ashamed, O vile and impudent rogue!”

* According to the Hindu etiquette a lady must not talk to a male stranger without a medium Being forced to violate the above rule at this emergency Sita takes recourse to the aforesaid expedient.

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