Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 40


“Clasping your feet I beseech you: grant this prayer of mine as a token of affection for me. Restore Sita to Rama so that no harm may come to you.”

Vibhisana spoke wisdom and that too in words that had the approval of the wise, as well as of the Puranas and Vedas. Ravana, however, rose in a fury as soon as he heard them. “O wretch, your death is imminent now. O fool, you have always lived on my generosity; yet, O dullard, you have favoured the enemy’s cause. Tell me, wretch, if there is any one in this world whom I have failed to conquer by the might of my arm. Dwelling in my capital you cherish love for the hermits ! If so, go and join hands with them, O fool, and teach wisdom to them.” So saying, he kicked his younger brother, who in his turn clasped his brother’s feet again and again. Uma, here lies the greatness of a saint, who returns good for evil. “It is well you have beaten me, since you are like a father to me. But your welfare, my lord, lies in adoring Sri Rama. Taking his ministers with him Vibhisana departed through the air exclaiming so as to make himself heard by all:-

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