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Sunder Kand Doha 10


(Having issued these instructions) the ten headed Ravana returned to his palace; while the host of fiendesses in the Asoka grove assumed various kinds of hideous forms and intimidated Sita.

One of these demonesses, Trijata by name, was devoted to Sri Rama’s feet and perfect in spiritual wisdom. She summoned all her companions, told them her dream and exhorted them to serve Sita and thus bless themselves. “In my dream a monkey burnt Lanka and the whole demon host was killed. As for the ten-headed Ravana, I saw him mounted on a donkey, all naked, with his heads shorn and his twenty arms chopped off. In this fashion he went his way to the south*; and it so appeared that Lanka had passed into the hands of Vibhisana. Sri Rama’s victory was proclaimed (by beat of drum) throughout the city: it was then that the Lord (Sri Rama) sent for Sita. This dream, I loudly proclaim, will come true a few days hence.” They were all dismayed to hear her words and fell at the feet of Janaka’s Daughter.

* The abode of Yama (the god of death) is believed to be in the south. That is why journey in a dream to the south is supposed to forebode death.

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