Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 3


Seeing a host of guards defending the city, the chief of the monkeys thought to himself, “Let me assume a very minute form and enter the city at night.”

Hanuman assumed a form as small as a gnat and, invoking the Lord in human semblance (Bhagavan Sri Rama), headed towards Lanka. (At the gateway of Lanka) lived a demoness, Lankini by name. “Where should you be going heedless of me?” she said. “Fool, have you not been able to know who I am? Every thief hereabout is my food.” The great monkey dealt her such a blow with his fist that she toppled down vomiting blood. Then, recovering herself, Lanka (Lankini), stood up, and joining her palms in dismay, humbly addressed him, “When Brahma granted Ravana the boon he had asked for, the Creator furnished me with the following clue (to the extermination of the demon race) while departing:- “When you get discomfited by a blow from a monkey, know that all is over with the demon race.” I must have earned very great merit, dear Hanuman, that I have been blessed with the sight of Sri Rama’s own messenger.

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