Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 52


“Further convey to the fool by word of mouth my generous message: surrender Sita and make peace or your hour is come.”

Bowing their head at Laksmana’s feet the spies immediately departed, recounting the virtues of Sri Rama. With Sri Rama’s praises on their lips they entered Lanka and bowed their head at Ravana’s feet. The ten-headed monster laughed and asked them the news: “Report me, Suka, your own welfare and then tell me the news about Vibhisana whom death has approached very near. The fool left Lanka where he was ruling; the wretch will now be crushed as a weevil with barley-grains. Tell me next all about the host of bears and monkeys, that has been driven over here by a cruel destiny. It is the poor soft-hearted sea that has stood as a protector of their lives. Lastly tell me the news about the ascetics (Rama and Laksmana) whose heart is obsessed with unceasing terror of me.

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