Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 27


Reassuring Janaka’s Daughter he consoled Her in many ways and, bowing his head at Her lotus feet, set forth to meet Sri Rama.

While leaving he roared aloud with such a terrible noise that the wives of the demons miscarried. Taking a leap across the ocean he reached the opposite shore and greeted his fellow-monkeys with a shrill cry of joy. They were all delighted to see Hanuman and felt as if they had been born anew. He wore a cheerful countenance and his body shone with a brilliance which left no doubt in their mind that he had executed Sri Ramachandra’s commission. They all met him and felt as delighted as a fish writhing with agony for lack of water would feel on getting it. They then gladly proceeded to see the Lord of the Raghus, asking and telling the latest events. On their way they all entered Sugriva’s garden called Madhuvana and with Angada consent began to eat the luscious fruit. When the guards interfered, they were beaten with fists till they took to their heels.

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