Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 14


“Mother, compose Yourself now and hear the message of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus).” Even as he uttered these words, the monkey’s voice was choked with emotion and his eyes filled with tears.

“Sri Rama said: Ever since I have been separated from you, Sita, everything to me has become its very reverse. The fresh and tender leaves on the trees look like tongues of fire; nights appear as dreadful as the night of final dissolution and the moon scorches like the sun. Beds of lotuses are like so many spears planted on the ground, while rain-clouds pour boiling oil as it were. Those that were friendly before have now become tormenting; the cool, soft and fragrant breezes are now like the breath of a serpent. One’s agony is assuaged to some extent even by speaking of it; but to whom shall I speak about it? For there is no one who will understand. The reality about the chord of love that binds you and me, dear, is known to my soul alone; and my soul ever abides with you. Know this to be the essence of my love.” Videha’s Daughter was so absorbed in love the moment She heard the Lord’s message, that She lost all consciousness of Her body. Said the monkey, “Mother, collect Yourself, and fix Your thoughts on Sri Rama, the delight of His servants. Reflect on the glory of the Lord of the Raghus and shake off all faint-heartedness upon my word.”

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