Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 55


“All the monkeys and bears are born warriors and, besides, they have Lord Sri Rama over their head. Ravana, they can conquer in battle even millions of Yamas (death personified).”

“A hundred thousand Sesas would fail to describe the greatness of Sri Rama’s valour, strength and intelligence. With a single shaft He could dry up a hundred seas; yet, being a master of propriety, He consulted your brother (Vibhisana) and in accordance with his suggestion He is asking passage of the ocean with a heart full of compassion.” The ten-headed monster laughed to hear these words. “It was because of such wits that he (Rama) took monkeys for his allies. That is why, confirming the advice of my brother, who is a born coward, he is persistent in demanding of the ocean (like a pet child) something which is impossible. Fool, why do you bestow false praise on the enemy, whose might and wisdom I have fathomed. Triumph and glory in this world are inaccessible to him who has a cowardly counsellor like Vibhisana.” The spy waxed angry to hear the words of the wicked monarch and taking it to be an opportune moment he took out the letter (from Laksmana). Sri Rama’s younger brother (Laksmana) gave me this note; have it read, my lord, and soothe your heart.” Ravana laughed when he took the letter in his left hand; and summoning his minister, the fool asked him to read it out.

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