Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 21


“By an iota of whose might you were able to conquer the entire creation, both animate and inanimate, and whose beloved spouse has been stolen away by you. Know me to be His envoy.”

“I am aware of your glory: you had an encounter with Sahasrabahu* and won distinction in your contest with Vali.†” Ravana heard the words of Hanuman but laughed them away. “I ate the fruit because I felt hungry and broke the boughs as a monkey is wont to do. One’s body, my master, is supremely dear to all; yet those wicked fellows would insist on belabouring me, so that I had no course left but to return their blows. Still your son (Meghanada) put me in bonds; but I am not at all ashamed of being bound, keen as I am to serve the cause of my lord. I implore you with joined palms, Ravana: give up your haughtiness and heed my advice. Think of your lineage and view things in that perspective; in any case disillusion yourself and adore Him who dispels the fear of His devotees. Never antagonize Him who is a source of terror even to Death, that devours all created beings, both animate and inanimate, gods as well as demons. And return Janaka’s Daughter at my request.

* (Vide Lanka-Kand 23, 8)
† Once upon a time, when Vali was performing his Sandhya, Ravana sought to capture him by stealing behind him. Vali, however, got scent of his mischievous intention; and the moment Ravana approached Vali the latter caught hold of him and held him secure in his arm-pit till he had finished his Sandhya and Tarpana (offering water to the manes). Ravana remained in that position for six months till at last Brahma himself came to his rescue and secured his release.

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