Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 36


“Rama’s arrows are like a swarm of serpents, while the demon host can only compare with frogs. Therefore, giving up obstinacy, devise some means of safety before the serpents devour them.”

When the foolish Ravana, who was known all the world over for his haughtiness, heard Mandodari’s admonition, he roared with laughter, “A woman is timorous by nature, it is truly said. She entertains fear even on an auspicious occasion; for her mind is very weak. If the monkey host comes, the poor demons would feast on them and sustain themselves. The very guardians of the spheres tremble for fear of me; how ridiculous that you, my wife, should be afraid!” So saying he laughed and embraced her and then left for his council-chamber exhibiting great fondness for her. Mandodari, however, felt troubled at heart and thought that heaven had turned against her lord. As he occupied his royal seat in the council-chamber, he received intelligence that all the invading host had arrived on the other side of the ocean. He thereupon asked his councillors; “Give me proper advice.” They however, laughed and submitted, “Only remain quiet, my lord. Your Majesty experienced no difficulty when you conquered the gods and demons. Of what account, then, can men and monkeys be?”

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