Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 42


“I will go today and presently behold with these eyes of mine those very feet in whose wooden sandals Bharataís mind remains absorbed !”

Cherishing such fond expectations Vibhisana instantly crossed over to the other side of the ocean (where Sri Rama had encamped with His host). When the monkeys saw Vibhisana coming, they took him for some special messenger of the enemy. Detaining him outside they approached Sugriva (the lord of the monkeys) and told him all the news. Said Sugriva, “Listen, O Lord of the Raghus: Ravana’s brother (Vibhisana) has come to see You.” The Lord, however, asked, “What do you think of the matter, my friend?” The lord of the monkeys replied, “Listen, O Ruler of men: the wiles of these demons are beyond one’s comprehension. One does not know wherefore he has come, capable as he is of taking any form he likes. Obviously the fool has come to spy out our secrets; what appeals to me, therefore, is that he should be taken prisoner and detained.” “Friend, you have thought out a wise course: but My vow is to dispel all fears from the mind of those who seek refuge in Me.” Hanuman rejoiced to hear these words of the Lord, who cherished paternal affection for His protege.

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