Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 44


“In either case bring him here,” the All-merciful laughed and said. “Glory to the merciful Lord,” cried the monkeys and proceeded with Angada and Hanuman (to usher in Vibhisana).

The monkeys respectfully placed Vibhisana ahead of them and proceeded to the place where the all-merciful Lord of the Raghus was. Vibhisana beheld from a distance the two brothers who ravished the eyes of all. Again as he beheld Sri Rama, the home of beauty, he stopped winking and stood stockstill with his gaze intently fixed on the Lord. He had exceptionally long arms, eyes resembling the red lotus and swarthy limbs that rid the suppliant of all fear. His lion-like shoulders and broad chest exercised great charm, while His countenance bewitched the mind of countless Cupids. The sight brought tears to his eyes and a deep thrill ran through his body. He, however, composed his mind and spoke in gentle accents: “My lord, I am Ravana’s brother. Having been born in the demon race. O Protector of gods, my body has the element of Tamas (inertia and ignorance) preponderating in it and I have a natural affinity for sins even as an owl is fond of darkness.

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