Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 39


“Again and again I fall at your feet and pray you, Ravana: abandoning pride, infatuation and arrogance, adore the Lord of Kosala. The sage Pulastya (our grand – father) had sent this message to us through a disciple of his. Availing myself of this golden opportunity, dear brother, I have immediately conveyed it to you.”

Ravana had a very old and sagacious minister named Malyavan. He felt much gratified to hear Vibhisana’s words. “Your younger brother, dear son, is the very ornament of wisdom. Therefore, take to heart what Vibhisana says.” “Both these fools glorify the enemy! Is there no one here who will remove them out of my sight ?” Malyavan thereupon returned to his residence, while Vibhisana began again with joined palms: “Wisdom and unwisdom dwell in the heart of all: so declare the Puranas and Vedas, my lord. Where there is wisdom, prosperity of every kind reigns; and where there is unwisdom misfortune is the inevitable end. Perversity has obviously taken possession of your heart; that is why you account your friends as foes and your enemies as friends. And that is why you are so very fond of Sita, who is the very night of destruction* for the demon race.”

* Kalaratri literally means the night preceding universal destruction at the end of a Kalpa or the span of life of the universe.

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