Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 16


“Listen, mother: monkeys possess no great strength or intelligence either; but, through the Lord’s might, the most tiny snake might swallow Garuda (the king of birds and the mount of Bhagavan Visnu).”

“Sita felt gratified at heart even as She heard the monkey’s words full of devotion and revealing Sri Rama’s majesty, glory and strength. Recognizing him as the beloved of Sri Rama She gave him Her blessing: “May you become a repository of strength and virtue, dear child. May you ever remain immune from old age and death and prove to be a storehouse of good qualities, my son; and may the Lord of the Raghus shower His abundant grace on you.” The moment the words “May the Lord be gracious to you” reached his ears Hanuman was utterly overwhelmed with emotion. Again and again the monkey bowed his head at Her feet and with joined palms addressed Her thus: “I have now accomplished all that I had to accomplish, my mother; for your blessing, everyone knows, is unfailing. Listen, mother: I am feeling frightfully hungry at the sight of these trees laden with delicious fruits.” “I tell you, my son, this grove is guarded by most valiant and mighty demons.” “Mother, I am not at all afraid of them, only if I have your hearty approval.”

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