Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 43


“Those people who forsake a suppliant, apprehending evil from him are vile and sinful; their very sight is abominable.”

“I will not abandon even the murderer of myriads of Brahmanas, if he seeks refuge in Me. The moment a creature turns its face towards Me the sins incurred by it through millions of lives are washed away. A sinner by his very nature is averse to My worship. Had Vibhisana been wicked at heart, could he ever dare to approach Me? That man alone who has a pure mind can attain to Me; I have an aversion for duplicity, wiles and censoriousness. Even if Ravana has sent him to find out our secrets, we have nothing to fear or lose, O lord of the monkeys. Laksmana, O my friend, can dispose of in a trice all the demons the world contains. And if he has sought shelter with Me out of fear, I will cherish him as My own life.

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