Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 29


“The all-merciful Lord of the Raghus embraced them all with affection and asked of their welfare. “All is well with us, now that we have seen Your lotus feet.”

Said Jambavan, “Listen, O Lord of the Raghus: he on whom You bestow Your blessings is ever lucky and incessantly happy; gods, human beings and sages are all kind to him. He alone is victorious, modest and an ocean of virtues; his fair renown shines brightly through all the three spheres of creation. Everything has turned out well by the grace of my Lord; it is only today that our birth has been consummated. The achievement of Hanuman (the son of the wind-god) cannot be described even with a thousand tongues.” Jambavan then related to the Lord of the Raghus the charming exploits of Hanuman (the son of the wind-god). The All-merciful felt much delighted at heart to hear them and in His joy He clasped Hanuman once more to His bosom. “Tell me, dear Hanuman, how does Janaka’s daughter pass her days and sustain her life?”

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