Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 51


Assuming the false appearance of monkeys they witnessed all the doings of Sri Rama and praised in their heart the Lord’s virtues and His fondness for those who come to Him for protection.

They openly commenced applauding Sri Rama’s amiability and in the intensity of their emotion forgot their disguise. The monkeys now recognized them as the enemy’s spies; they bound them all and brought them in the presence of Sugriva (the lord of the monkeys). Said Sugriva, “Listen, all you monkeys: mutilate the demons and dismiss them.” Hearing Sugriva’s command the monkeys ran and paraded them in bonds all through the camp. The monkeys, then started belabouring them right and left; the demons piteously cried for help, yet the monkeys would not let them alone. “Whosoever robs us of our nose and ears, we adjure him by Sri Rama not to do so.” When Laksmana heard this, he called them all near him; and moved to pity he laughed and immediately had them released. “Give this note into Ravana’s hands and tell him: read, destroyer of your race, what Laksmana says.”

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