Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 56


Beguiling your mind with flattering words, O fool, do not bring your race to utter ruin. By courting enmity with Sri Rama you will not be spared even though you seek the protection of Visnu, Brahma or Siva. Therefore, abandoning pride, like your younger brother, either seek the lotus feet of the Lord as a bee or be consumed with your family like a moth into the fire of Sri Rama’s shafts, O wretch.

Ravana was dismayed at heart as he listened to the above message but wore a feigned smile on his face and spoke aloud for all to hear: “The younger hermit’s grand eloquence is just like attempt of a man lying on the ground to clutch with hands the vault of heaven.” Said Suka, “My lord, giving up haughtiness take every word of it as true. Abandon passion and give ear to my advice: my lord, avoid a clash with Sri Rama. The Hero of Raghu’s line is exceedingly mild of disposition, even though He is the lord of the entire universe. The Lord will shower His grace on you the moment you meet Him, and will not take to heart even a single offence of yours. Pray, restore Janaka’s Daughter to Sri Rama; at least concede this request of mine.” When Suka asked him to surrender Videha’s Daughter, the wretch kicked him. Suka, however, bowed his head at Ravana’s feet and proceeded to the place where the all-merciful Lord of the Raghus was. Making obeisance to the Lord he told Him all about himself and by Rama’s grace recovered his original state. He was an enlightened sage; it was by Agastya’s curse, Parvati, that he had been transformed into a demon. Adoring Sri Rama’s feet again and again the sage returned to his hermitage.

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